Author Overlord sat down with Amazon #1 Bestselling Award Winning Author, Counsellor, and blogger, Sandeep Adnani, about his books from the Exiled Rogue Series

Author Overlord: Please tell me a little about your Book/Writing...

Sandeep Adnani: A story that spans more than 120 years, The Exiled Rogue Series is a the complete offering of three Amazon bestselling ebooks, The Codes of the Exiled Rogue, The Origin of the Exiled Rogue and The Prophecy of the Exiled Rogue.

What starts as an existential crisis, develops into a clandestine meeting, a discussion of life and its purpose, quickly escalates into something deeper and more profound. The characters are led on a journey of life and beyond, uncovering truths which the human mind has grappled with since the beginning of time.

A larger plan for humanity and the evolution of each being is revealed, as our characters traverse time and space in different realms, all of which have laws of their own. Written by award winning author Sandeep Adnani, this trilogy will help you appreciate the joy and wonder of being alive and look forward to the dimensions that await us upon our departure.

What makes your Book/Characters unique?

The characters are unique as I have three older and three younger main leads, all going through their own life journey and transformation. My books are written to continue from where the last one finished, so they cannot be read out of sequence.

How long have you been writing? And have you been able to make a living of it?

The story idea came to me in 2013 and evolved over time. I started writing a few times and abandoned the drafts as I wasn't happy with the quality. I revisited the idea in 2019 and changed it completely. I published the first book at the end of 2019 and wrote the second and third books back to back in 2020. The second book was published in September 2020 and the third one in May 2021. I have self published and invested a lot in my books, which provide a side income, but not the primary one.

Who are some of your influences?

Dan Brown, J.K.Rowling, Paulo Coelho, Jostein Gaarder, James Redfield, The University of Life

Do you have a memorable moment that inspired a scene/chapter/entire book.

My trip to Stonehenge and to the Amarnath pilgrimage in North India. Both turned into pivotal scenes/flashbacks in the story.

What struggles have you found when trying to advertise your book? [Have you gone to conventions, done other interviews, book signings/readings, etc?]

I have done ads on Facebook/ Instagram and Amazon promotions. I haven't been to any conventions but have held book launches where I have done author readings and book signings.

What good/bad/ridiculous feedback have you received that particularly sticks out in your mind?

I have had some amazing reviews where readers said this is a series they could revisit many times in their life, to the fact that they got hooked, read a book in 2 days and were very keen to know what happens in the next one. Presenting a variety of perspectives on subjects such as Time got a lot of praise.

What happened in your life that transformed you from a reader to an author?

My grade 9 teacher of English said she couldn't see me writing a book and that I should stick to short stories. I used to write for the school paper then. Somehow that always stuck in my mind and I have aspired to write a book since high school. I am glad I wrote it much later as life experiences, reading and life experiences have informed my writing to what it is today.

Can we expect an audiobook?

The audiobook is currently in production. I will release it with the complete series ebook, (which will feature art from the series) and the paperback in early 2022.

Which is your favourite character?

Aurora Soto has the biggest character arc in the series, but my favourite is Matthew who is the glue who holds all of them together.

What are you working on currently?

I have stepped away from the metaphysical transformational genre and am writing a sci-fi romance set in the distant future.

You have said 'The Trilogy is Complete'. Can we expect more stories of the exiled rogue or any of the characters?

I have said the story about this particular dimension. I am sure if it becomes a TV series or movie there will be more back stories or subplots which will come to light!

What would you like to tell a new author who wants to write a series?

Keep the writing process a private matter and only reveal what you are going to do once you're sure of the direction. The amount of work involved is tremendous and when you can see the completion of the first book in sight with a clear path for future books, then market your work accordingly. Start early, build a following and keep an audience engaged in your work.

Here's one that I ask everyone (for some reason): Do you believe in Bigfoot?


Is there anything you'd like to tell the world right now? (Such as links/webpages/etc)

The series website is