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Hound of the Biscuit Barrel by Neil S Reddy @thistribe

Strange things are afoot in the town of Broston. Never feat Fast Like and Taxi Sam are here. A subversion of the Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson amateur sleuth setup via David Lynch, David Cronenberg: if they were writing a 'Carry On' noir detective adventure.

Kindle: £3.99 - Paperback £9.99

Road Kill: The Duchess Of Frisian Tun (DaDa Detective Agency Book 1) by Pete Adams

"There are Sherman tanks, bazooka’s ( or is it a rocket launcher?) and danger…..obviously. Jack has a certain way with words, his malacopperisms that sometimes only Mandy understands. Girl Grey anyone? The story has a narrator too, who speaks to the reader and the characters which has some fun moments. Full of fantastic characters such as Pimple, Crumpet, Lovebody and of course The Banana Boys…...Dave Lilicrap or Sh**legs as he is known just makes me laugh every time. Road Kill does have its serious moments, but oh my it’s laugh out loud funny too. Well done Mr Adams. I’m already looking forward to Book 2. This is my honest and unbiased review." – Lsb23