Are you interesting in the paranormal?  The occult?  Or just like to get occasionally creeped out?   Check out the great podcasts we have below.  You might just find something new and unexpected.

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The Alien Analysis Probecast @alienanalysis

Are we alone? Do aliens exist? What are UFOs? If like me you are interested in knowing the truth about life on other planets but have never seen a UFO, been abducted or been part of a secret government project this is the place for you.

A Tip of the C.A.P. @AtipoftheC_A_P

We show love and tip our CAP to Cryptids Aliens and the Paranormal 

The Back Porch USA ~TBP-USA~ @thebackporchusa

~TBP-USA~ Presents the world's oddities, curiosities, wonders, strange history, and #meatburgernation

Brain Buster Boys @BrainBusterBoys

Brett & Beaumont host a wrestling podcast while grappling with the strange, often-supernatural show business of making a podcast.

Boston Metaphysical Society: The Ghost Ship @mhollyrosing

An ex-Pinkerton detective, a spirit photographer, and a genius scientist battle supernatural forces in late 1800s Boston. Based on the graphic novel.

The Dark and Cringy Podcast @darkandcringy

The Dark and Cringy Podcast covers topics such as true crime, cults, cons, corporate shenanigans and the supernatural.  Basically, any cringeworthy true story.

Drinks and Things @DrinksnThings

A podcast where we drink and talk about things!

FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast @Frigay13

FRIGAY THE 13th HORROR PODCAST explores #horror–in real life and in the movies–from an LGBTQ perspective. We believe that horror isn’t just an escape–we believe it’s a mirror to the horrors we face in real life, everyday.

The Gaea Connection @gaeaconnection3

Connecting the dots of our ambiguous existence on Earth through conspiracy theories and myths.

Garden of Doom @icarusfellmd

Esoteric, cryptids, UFOs, historical, among other topics all guest led

The Ghost Gig Podcast @AliceBarnard12
Hello!! We are brand new paranormal podcast- music and ghost stories! What more could a self respecting person wish for ??? Give us a listen on your favourite platform including Spotify here ……  Or listen here and leave us a review !…  Got a film you’d like us to write a musical review for? Or a paranormal story of your very own?? Drop us a message right here or email  You can also find us at The Ghost Gig and search The Ghost Gig on Instagram !  Thanks again for your support. Sleep well…  Alice & Vince

Graveyard Coffee Talk @talkgraveyard

Two friends grab a coffee and discuss the similarities and differences between folklore topics as they present around the world, with a tendency towards the macabre.

Haunt and Cold @HauntandCold

A paranormal and true crime podcast based in Utah! Listen as Katie drives and takes us to different haunted locations! Buckle up, because along the way April tells us a local true crime story.

Homespun Haints @HomespunHaints

Ghost stories are always scarier when they’re told by the very people who experienced them. We’re Becky and Diana, and we search the planet to find people with true ghost stories to share. 

Horrifying History @horrifyinghist1 

Horrifying History is the podcast where history, lore, science, and the supernatural collide.

The HowWeUs Conspiracy @howweus

Each week on The HowWeUs Conspiracy I attempt to answer and give my opinion to a question related to one of various controversial topics in order to find the truth, whatever that may be.    Join me each Friday as I put my belief in Alien Visitors, Advanced Ancient Civilisations and our religions origins being a little more other worldly, to the test and see if over 30 years of searching has given me the truth or a complete load of nonsense.

Jumpscare Club @jumpscareclub

An in depth discussion and breakdown podcast on horror and paranormal movies, tv shows, books/audio books, comics and video games. Hosted by TonyZ and RebekahZ.

Lurk @LurkPodcast

A podcast sharing creepy, paranormal and bone chilling stories

Malevolent @MalevolentCast

Arkham Private Investigator Arthur Lester wakes up with no memory of who he is or what has happened, only a nameless, eerie voice guiding him through the darkness.  Blind, terrified, and confused, his journey will lead him towards a series of mysteries in the hopes of understanding the truth of what has transpired.  As cosmic horrors seep into the world around, Arthur must ask himself whether this entity truly seeks to help him, or are its intentions more…Malevolent

The Moth Pod @themothpod

Grab some imaginary marshmallows and have a seat at our imaginary fire while we tell stories of the unexplained to serial killers, welcome to the moth pod.

My Opinion @__my__opinion

Weekly Podcast on Science, Climate (#climatecrisis), Space, Supernatural Phenomenon, Human Nature & some fun stuff.  All views are my own.  RT ≠ Endorsements.

None Of This Is Real @NOTIRpodcast

None Of This Is Real is a comedy podcast about all things mysterious and weird, hosted by 2 friends; a believer and a skeptic. We cover cryptids, conspiracies, cults and so much more. Then we ask the ultimate question- “is any of this real?”

NVus Alien @nvusalienpod

The NVus Alien Podcast is about UFOs, the paranormal, the fringe, or anything related to high strangeness. Let’s go down the rabbit hole together as we discover that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

Piece Of Smit Conspiracies @PieceOfSmitPod

Piece Of Smit or PoS for short, is a podcast that tells ufo/alien encounters abduction stories, cryptids,murderers, and more with your host Smitty.

The Pine Chunks Podcast @Pinechunkspod

A couple of pals discuss conspiracies, cryptids, diseases, history and generally weird stuff from the past, present and future.

The “professional” Slackers Podcast @proslackerspod

Two long time bros broing out

The S-4 Bunker @Thes4bunker

We are a paranormal podcast which decided to break the norm. We talk about everything and anything and in the end nothing is off limits.

Semi-Skeptic @semiskepticpod

Two (somewhat) rational British blokes, Chris & Aaron, discuss conspiracies, mysteries and cryptids.

The Skeptic Metaphysicians @WillRodriguezFL

This weekly show is a fun exploration of metaphysics, spiritual awakenings, healing modalities and magical personalities. Hosted by a real-life husband and wife team of story-tellers, this Signal Award-winning program brings you interviews with inspirational experts in the fields of enlightenment and expanded consciousness...without making it cringy!
        Grow and expand your consciousness without sacrificing the fun of exploring with humor!

Stop Thinking With your Butt @stopthinkingwyb

Combat veteran Chris and Anime hating Katie explore phenomenon and conspiracies, while having funny banter!

The Story of… @podcaststoryof

Each week we choose a topic, research independently, come back and put the puzzle pieces together of what we’ve found to tell you the story of…

STYX @TheStyxPodcast

A supernatural noir audio drama that follows P.I. Blake Wayman across the River Styx into Underworld City, where he solves crimes no one else can and delivers justice from beyond the grave...

Two Wizards Podcast @Twowizardspodc1

Two Wizards buddies, Mark and Josh explore a variety of topics like history, video games, and the mysterious.

Weird Horizon @weirdhorizon

Explorations of the spooky, paranormal, counter-cultural and the just plain weird.

Unnamed Occult Radio Show @OccultRadioShow

An after-dark pirate radio show discussing the strange, unusual, and occult hosted by a man equally as enigmatic as the show's title and set to the comforting tones of turn-of-the-century jazz.