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Hardly Focused @FocusedHardly

Dissecting the news, one tangent at a time.

Hell yes! or Hell no! @hellyes_hellno

Join us every Friday for everyday topics and scenarios that are designed to help you use your imagination and help you start your own conversations. We’ll let you know if it’s a Hell Yes! or a Hell No! and you can comment on social media!  Let’s talk about it!

History of Bad Ideas @BadIdeasPodcast

Jeff, Blake, Jason, Jim and the Intern are your podcast hosts discussing everything from comics to movies to television shows and all things geek related! Join us every week as try to understand what is going on in the pop culture world!

Hype from Outer Heaven @HfOHPodcast

Retro podcast hosted by four Birmingham (UK) based nerds, ranting about video games and movies, whilst simultaneously pining for the nostalgic days of old.

Getting Down & Wordy @downandwordy

Humorous edutainment about pop music and language.

Hogwarts: A Podcast @HogwartsAPod

Dan & friends re-read the Harry Potter series and discuss each chapter with non-spoiler and spoiler segments, making sure that everyone can join the conversation!

I Couldn't Throw It Out @throwitoutpod

Got stuff in storage? Former People Magazine reporter Michael Small tells the tale behind celebrity interview tapes and other treasures he saved for decades. Then he tries to throw them out.

Idle Ride @idleridepodcast

A podcast dedicated to low stakes deep dives into pop culture led by Marcy. A foul mouthed, middle-aged, multimedia casual consumer.

Ikuzo Unscripted @We_Are_Ikuzo

“Ikuzo Unscripted” hits you with its blunt and uncensored take on pop culture, philosophy, politics, sports, history, and everything else beyond and under the Sun. So get your headsets ready for honest opinions, shower thoughts, barbershop talks, and city rumors… depending on what you seek, but expect nothing less than a bohemian atmosphere, as we promise our podcast won’t cause any brain damage.

It’s a Fandom Thing @fandomthingpod

All things fandom and pop culture from the female perspective

A monthly show dedicated to pop culture. We primarily focus on movies and tv shows, but will occasionally venture into the world of video games, comic books, and more

Late to the Party Podcast @lttppod

Late to the Party Pod is a weekly podcast on film, fashion, and pop culture.  New episodes every Thurs.

Let's Read Spider-Man @letsreadspidey

Eddie and James B discuss the characters and the tales of The Amazing Spider-Man Marvel comic books blending accurate descriptions, serious discussions and laid back humor covering two issues each 30 minute episode.

The List of Everything @TLoEPod

Hosts Matt & Nick attempt to compile a list of everything, one episode at a time. 

Liquor Talk Podcast @RealVJones

A biweekly podcast which discusses black culture, relationships, current events and exclusive interviews.

Look in the Couch Cushions @incouchcushions

A rambling podcast about TV, Movies, Video Games, Youtu- Basically if you can do it on a couch then it gets talked about here.

Married with Drinks @MarriedDrinks

A married couple sharing & discussing their lives and the world around them over one too many drinks.

MelodicNomad1980 April Ann @Melodicnomad

Check me out on Spotify, Anchor, and IG under Melodicnomad1980! I'm a newbie. Current focus is favorite musicians, albums, tracks, and shows.a

Men Who Stare At GOATs @MwsaGOATs

Movie podcast that takes an funny uncensored approach to reviewing the movies regarded as the 'Greatest of All Time'.  John and Simon lovingly critique the best films and determine if they make 'The GOAT list'

Metalcore Nerds @MetalcoreNerds

A weekly podcast that combines the metalcore world with all things pop culture. Available everywhere you find podcasts.

Middle-Aged Metal-Heads @MAMHPOD

"We are the greatest generation of METAL FANS. full stop.  We heard the greatest records the day they came out. We saw the greatest bands. LIVE. IN PERSON.   Our experiences are the stuff of legends. We hung out after the shows, we hung out before the shows.  Middle-Aged Metal-Heads is reliving the days of METAL with you. JOIN US."


The Middle School Mind @TMSM_Podcast 

Father and son pod. Son is a middle schooler and Dad plays co-host, producer and social media guru. Son comes up with middle school age kid topics on the pod for kids 10-14 year old.