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The Nerd Byword  nerdbyword

A podcast made for nerds by nerds encompassing all aspects of the Nerd Multiverse.

The Nerd Fix @FixNerd

This podcast is hosted by a young black woman with a love and passion for all things in the world of Anime, Manga, Video Games, anything that is nerdy that you love, she's here to talk about it! Whether it be reviewing the latest chapter of a popular series, breaking down facts about a character from a series or even reading a Creepypasta story, she talks about it all. This podcast is a platform where she can voice her love and passion for something that makes her happy and connect to others making friends wherever she goes.

Nerdinion! @ThatWanker

Once a week, two nerds get together and talk about a particular movie ad nauseam. Listen for the petty fights, stay for the dumb jokes. Cheers!

NerdynomiChron @NerdyNomiChron

We’re a 420 friendly, nerdy podcast where we discuss movies, tv, comic books and the like.

Check out our recent interview with Alex aka Snerfin

Nerds of the Old Republic Podcast @nerdsofoldrepub

We are a SFF podcast for the drinking man. In each episode we discuss a different book or film from the wide world of nerdom, and pair it with a unique cocktail.

No Other Way @nootherwaypod

This scripted fiction mystery/drama centers on four strangers whose darkest secrets are livestreamed by an anonymous terrorist known only as, The Voice. As their lives unravel in the aftermath, the foursome goes to any lengths to learn The Voice’s identity and why they were chosen, uncovering a wider conspiracy in the process

Not Another Nat One! @nanodnd

We are an actual play, D&D podcast with a unique homebrew world, original music, impeccable audio quality, and a fun cast of characters! Music, editing, and graphic design are done by people on the show, and we have a growing community we'd love for you to be a part of!

Not Faulty, Just Blank @notfaultypod

3 friends of more than 30 years discuss and reminisce about a single year from the 90s.  Was growing up in the 'greatest ever decade' really as good as they remember it?

Take a hilarious trip down memory lane with 3 Essex Boys, several beers, lots of wine gums and just a few scribbled notes to guide them.  Their minds are willing but are they able to remember anything?  They’re Not Faulty, Just Blank.

Nothing But A Bob Thang @Bob_ThangPod

Bob Ross made 403 episodes of the Joy of Painting. We are going to watch every episode and rate every painting even if it kills us.

Oh My Lanta Podcast @ohmylantapod

We (Shannon and Alex) started a podcast to brighten people’s day. We want to be able to make people laugh. We read Reddit stories and give opinions on them and also answer questions.

Omen Revelations Podcast @NunneleyMike @Shadewing @OmenRevelations

On ORP Michael Nunneley and Steve Sellers discuss comics and comic characters (including our own), pop culture, movies and writing every other Tuesday.

Once Upon a Daydream @dreamstorypod

Welcome, dear listeners, to Once Upon a Daydream, the podcast designed to help you wind down for the night. On this podcast, I will be reading public domain books belonging to various genres. Although the pod is intended to send you off to a gentle sleep, it will also contain adventurous and fun books, and even books of mystery! The whole point is that you enjoy what you are listening to and hopefully that helps you relax for the night. I hope the wide range of books (soon!) available means there’s something for everyone to enjoy, no matter the age. Happy listening and have a restful sleep.

Paul Vato Presents:  @PaulVato

"Actor and improvisor, Paul Vato, interviews his celebrity friends from the world of entertainment, finance, social media, travel & business.

Catch Paul Vato on Seth McFarlane’s latest TV show, Ted!"

The PBP @thepbppod

Your stereotypical millennial besties, looking for answers to life’s most important questions and giving you their unsolicited opinions, point.  blank.period!

The Pine Chunks Podcast @Pinechunkspod

A couple of pals discuss conspiracies, cryptids, diseases, history and generally weird stuff from the past, present and future.

PlayStation Rumble @PSRumble

Join hosts Jamie, Joshua and Tony as they explore the vast selection of titles from the PlayStation library, one game at a time. It's a book club type format where we encourage listeners to play along with us each episode and join in on the discussion on our social media.

Podculture Vultures @PodcultureV

We are Kev and Dean, a couple of right old cheeky geeky fellas that love to ramble on about ridiculously awesome films and TV shows.

Popcorn Podcast @popcornpodau

Popcorn Podcast with Leigh and Tim is a bite-sized weekly movie podcast featuring reviews of the latest films, celebrity interviews, news and giveaways.

The Pop Culture Retrospective Podcast @popcultureretro

When my sister passed away in 2019 I decided I wanted to do something productive and positive to deal with my grief.  The result was a podcast based around the pop culture we grew up with during the 80s, 90s and early 2000s.  Each episode takes a deep dive into our childhood and adolescent memories from movies to bands to television shows to toys.

PowerPoint Showdown  @some_nobodies

An improv conference comedy show. 4 panelists have to give a blind 8 slide presentation on a topic chosen at random. The presenters haven't seen the slides not prepared in anyway. 

Proper Ganders @Proper_ganders

Two students talking about life, conspiracies and more!

Come with us in this amazing journey and enjoy these wonderful locations: Moon, Eric's Happy Place, Antarctica, Lost at sea, The Hatch and more.

Pro Wrestling Nation @PWNPodcast

Join host Bay Area Comedian Funky Sam Medina as he talks wrestling.

Psychotic Gentleman @WKillue

Will Killue, host of Psychotic Gentleman, is a retired marine sniper. Bored, he escapes the ordinary by joining a covert vigilante justice organization and podcasts about his chaotic life incognito.

Quad Pro Quo @quadproquopod

A weekly movie podcast inspired by the quid pro quo scene from Silence of the Lambs. New episodes drop every Thursday.


The Rainbow Remix @rainbow_remix 

LGBTQ talk & guests, featuring businesses, artists & more

The Real Fresh Channel @Whatsgoingonpo2

We are a YouTube channel with a growing variety of podcasts. Talk N Tokes (420 friendly conversation), Fresh Takes (sports talk and betting), Wrasslin PPV Shows, and more.

REEL Film Reviewed Podcast @reelfilmpkc

A podcast that delivers spoiler free TV/Film reviews followed by a post viewing discussion. Often featuring guests to discuss a film or show. 

The Regular Exclusive @reg_exclusive

A movie podcast for people who love movies. We’re not film experts, just a couple of friends who enjoy watching movies and talking about them way too much.

RE-VGM @re_vgm

Covers, remixes, and arrangements of VGM, including original tracks

Rich and Jimmy Watch a Film @Richandjimmy

Two friends shooting the breeze about movies over some delicious food. We eat, we chat, we watch some awesome films. What’s not to like? (Don’t answer that).

Roasted Spins @RoastedSpins

Each podcast episode features a discussion and review of a particular coffee and album from Steve’s music collection. Steve Greene is 1/3 of the band Voyag3r and V3 Cast podcast. A video version of the podcast will be on YouTube and the audio version will be available wherever you get your podcasts. If you want to suggest a coffee brand or roast, please email suggestions and info.