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We are rapidly coming to the end of our 2 month associated with you all, we are 19 followers from 900 on twitter double what we had when we hooked up.

I believe this is a direct result of the work you have and continue to do for us.

Thank You for all your hard work, you are the BEST!!!!

Jim the "old man" from
The Old Man's Podcast



"Shout out to Band Overload for their dependable and professional promotional services. Great way for independent artists to gain exposure and grow their brand. Highly recommended to anyone seeking to kick-start their social media presence!"

Singer/Songwriter of "A Lot of Live to Live", Lazlo @Laszlo_Official


You guys rock! Great Service. Thank you!!!!” “The best $21 I've ever spent! Thank you for helping the little guy for a little fee!!”

-- Ryan/iFindRare @iFindRare


@artistoverlord has been fantastic at making my art related tweets more visible without being spammy"

-- DanHawk Artwork @danthesith


"Your retweeting activity have been much appreciated! I consistently get random new followers with very little effort on my part. Thank you!"

-- @YubNubGames


"Getting social media engagement is a constant 24/7 job with a podcast, so getting the support of Podcast Overlord always helping to spread the word on my new posts and episodes is a great help."

-- @PiecingPod from "Piecing it together" Podcast.


"Author Overlord really helped spread the word about the Jacksons and their adventures. I really should hire them again…"

-- @bmb_author

"Sales over Clutter is a fantastic service and we'll worth every penny. In fact, I think I've been posting so many things lately I thought they would ask me for more money, but they have not. Thanks for your great service."