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Nerds and Slurred Words @slurrednerds

Two Nerds, Copious Amounts of Alcohol, one great podcast. We like to show you what’s in your drink, and talk about all things Nerd.

The Nerd Byword nerdbyword

A podcast made for nerds by nerds encompassing all aspects of the Nerd Multiverse.

Nerds of the Old Republic Podcast @nerdsofoldrepub

We are a SFF podcast for the drinking man. In each episode we discuss a different book or film from the wide world of nerdom, and pair it with a unique cocktail.

No Name Music Cast @NoNameMusicCast

Tim and Joy pick a new music-related topic to discuss each week. These topics typically end up in many funny stories, thoughts, and theories! If you enjoy music and fun ....You are in the right place!

The Nostalgia Machine Podcast @ringthemachine

A biweekly podcast dedicated to rediscovering obscure pop culture artifacts, as told through the memories of an 80s child. The show also gives listeners the opportunity to leave a voice message and share their favorite memories on any topic!

No Stupid Answers @NOSA_Podcast

A doctor of philosophy, a recovering archeologist, a professional engineer, and a corporate millennial discuss and answer Reddit’s most interesting questions.

Not Faulty, Just Blank @notfaultypod

3 friends of more than 30 years discuss and reminisce about a single year from the 90s. Was growing up in the 'greatest ever decade' really as good as they remember it?

Take a hilarious trip down memory lane with 3 Essex Boys, several beers, lots of wine gums and just a few scribbled notes to guide them. Their minds are willing but are they able to remember anything? They’re Not Faulty, Just Blank.

Omen Revelations Podcast @OmenRevelations @MichaelNunnele5 & @Shadewing

Discuss comics (including our own), pop culture, movies and writing every other Tuesday. + a monthly Patreon Exclusive Episode!

The Pink Podcast in the Room @PinkPodRoom

An upcoming podcast about the relationship dynamics on TLC’s Sister Wives. Hosted by Sarah Meg @the_megx

Podculture Vultures @PodcultureV

We are Kev and Dean, a couple of right old cheeky geeky fellas that love to ramble on about ridiculously awesome films and TV shows.

Pop Culture Leftovers @PCLeftovers

Weekly NSFW podcast that reviews the latest in TV and movies with news, rumors and more. We also have a heavy focus on Marvel, DC, and Star Wars.

The Pop Culture Retrospective Podcast @popcultureretro

When my sister passed away in 2019 I decided I wanted to do something productive and positive to deal with my grief. The result was a podcast based around the pop culture we grew up with during the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. Each episode takes a deep dive into our childhood and adolescent memories from movies to bands to television shows to toys.

Quad Pro Quo @quadproquopod

A weekly movie podcast inspired by the quid pro quo scene from Silence of the Lambs. New episodes drop every Thursday.


The Rainbow Remix @rainbow_remix

LGBTQ talk & guests, featuring businesses, artists & more

Recliner Kings Sports @ReclinerKings

Mat Johnson and Daryl Robinson breaking down all the current sports stories from a fan's eye view!

The Regular Exclusive @reg_exclusive

A movie podcast for people who love movies. We’re not film experts, just a couple of friends who enjoy watching movies and talking about them way too much.