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2-4 Cavalry Book 1: A New Hope by Eric Johnson

it's a story about a mercenary-ish unit that I dreamed up that is in the Hammers Slammers Universe that David Drake started.

Kindle:  $2.99 - Paperback $16.99 - Hardback: $ 18

Aidaean Saga: Triumph of Destiny by Matt Sean Bell

Aidaean Saga: Triumph of Destiny is an epic, science fantasy adventure about a group of heroes who must band together to stop a great war from destroying their world.

Kindle:  $10 ($9 with 10% off code TRIUMPH10 - Paperback $15 ($13.50 with 10% off code TRIUMPH10)

The Awakening by Ben Berwick @BenBerwickGB

The powerful Chon’ith Empire has expanded rapidly and aggressively, conquering all in their path. Stubborn and dogmatic, the Chon’ith do not accept retreat, and for years their passionate approach to warfare has won them many battles - until they pick a fight with a clever, cunning enemy.

Paperback $14.99 

Byron Beyond the Firmament by Neil S Reddy @thistribe

Lord Byron's lost sci-fi masterpiece... or is it a true account of the MAD BAD & DANGEROUS TO KNOW kidnapping by aliens? It's Gothic Sci-fi, Georgian Steampunk. A real sci-fi romp based in historical fact... perhaps.

Kindle:  £3.99 - Paperback £12.99 

Chain of Starlight by Lon E. Varnadore

She once called them family. When they turn against her, is there any corner of space dark enough to hide from their vengeance?Jonica Desoll is sick of the bloodshed. With her planet-hopping pirate companions growing increasingly violent, the determined woman gambles her life and listens to the strange voice in her head urging her to flee. But her bid for freedom comes with no guarantee of success when she steals her captain’s favorite ship…Pursued across the galaxy by her former crew, Jonica takes a risky job to earn money for the resources she needs to get away for good. But even teamed up with the psychic cat-shaped creature who first encouraged her to run, dodging the host of bounty hunters, revenge-seekers, and alien agents after them may make survival a near-impossible mission.Can Jonica zero in on her target before she’s killed by the hunt?Chain of Starlight is the rollicking first book in the Starlight science fiction series. If you like tenacious heroines, desperate bets, and page-turning intrigue, then you’ll love Lon E. Varnadore’s extraterrestrial adventure.Buy Chain of Starlight to wager on interstellar stakes today!

Kindle:  $0.99  - Paperback:  $ 9.99

Darkness Hovering: The Onaterian Chronicles Book 1  by Helen G Huntley @helenghuntley1

A tight knit team of galactic spies using everything including magic, take down a notorious criminal who thought he had an unstoppable plan to take over the Planet Astua. The Prince of Astua falls into a complicated love affair with one of the spies who has a haunting past she cant get through. Full of action, romance, and intrigue.

Kindle:  $2.99

The Demagogue Wars by C. Elmon Meade "Chris"

"As many return to their pre-pandemic lives, we have yet to fully understand the aftermath of COVID-19. For C. Elmon Meade, questions about the impact of new variants led him to ruminate about the future. The result is this dystopian thriller that tackles religion, politics, and culture wars. “My premise going into this work was what if the events of 2020 not only continued for 100 years, but actually got worse,"" Meade said.

In this version of America’s future, disparate rebel factions align with otherworldly forces (Alien? Heavenly?) to combat a Communist hegemonic power in a world besieged by decades of pestilence, war, and death. “The Plan” will be revealed to an indigenous girl while the world braces for annihilation!"

Kindle:  $9.99 - Paperback:  $21.99  - Hardback:  $28.99

Eradicating the Beast by Helen G Huntley @helenghuntley1

A genetically modified beast is let loose in the forest of the planet Astua. The forester is attacked but not dead, he has amnesia and doesn't remember that he had uncovered a plot to assassinate the emperor. He also doesn't know those involved are looking to kill him.

Kindle:  $3.99

The Fourth State of Matter by D'Arcy Arden

Earth is dead. Humanity survives by selling their only resource —themselves. 2689 has become décor, living artwork bought and sold by rich aliens.

Kindle:  $5.99 - Paperback $17.99

Impossible Journey: A Tale of Times and Truth by James M. Becher

"Sci-fi / fantasy (time-travel) with a purpose.

""Impossible Journey is reminiscent of The Time Machine by H. G. Wells with a unique twist.""-- Tami Brady.

Future scientists plan to time-travel to Eden to prevent the fall and thus put an end to all evil and disease in the world. But they can only travel 200 years, more or less, at a time.
        Having gained the needed financial support from wealthy financier, Mark Lewis, the scientists manage to build the first time machine in which three of them take off.on their imposing mission.
        They visit the different historical time periods depicted on the front cover, each of which points in some way to the true answer they are seeking. But they ignore the obvious and go on blindly with their mission.
        At one point, they are pulled forward unexpectedly to their future where robots serve and forced to fight in a senseless war. Will they escape? And will they ever come to learn the true answer to the problem of sin and evil in the world?"

Kindle:  $0.99  - Paperback:  $ 6.99 - Hardback - $12.99

Journey To New Salem (The Witches of Vegas 2) by Mark Rosendorf

A year has passed since The Witches of Vegas saved the city from the evil Wiccan vampire, Valeria. Since then, the show has hit an all-time high. So has the romance between teen witch Isis Rivera and teenage magician, Zack Galloway.
        Things couldn't be any better for them until Isis develops seizures that cause her power to spiral out of control. Fires and earthquakes are just the beginning of the chaos caused by the misfired witchcraft. Unable to find a cure, Isis' family journeys to New Salem, a fabled village of witches which may or may not even exist. Meanwhile, Zack ends up face to face with the only being who may have a cure…Valeria. But does he dare pay her price?"

Kindle:  $4.99 - Paperback $12.84

Jubjub Juice by Neil S Reddy  @thistribe

Best of Collection of short stories previously published works. Includes horror favourite Mr Hedges; weird fiction Jesus Zit, and twisted sci-fi Jubjub Juice and The Greatest Slimming Pill Ever. 

Kindle:  £3.99 - Paperback £9.99 

KINGDOM OF MONSTERS by John Lee Schneider

One year ago, the world ended. Resurrected monsters from the prehistoric past have rampaged across the globe. Now the world is theirs. Remaining humans have been driven high into the mountains, or back to the caves. But now gathered armies of gigantic rage-infected beasts threaten to stamp out the last survivors once and for all. Only one hope remains – a young woman, with a top-secret past, who stands between the human race and extinction. It is the anniversary of the Apocalypse, and humanity's most desperate struggle begins tonight...

Kindle:  $4.99 - Paperback $12.95

(Amazon reviews) “Rainbow Bridge! The cover of this book drew me in. I knew it would be about a dog, but the opening chapter was one I have lived too often from the human perspective. If you want a book that makes you cry in the first chapter . . . this one is it. Those of us who are pet owners will find this book funny, charming and yes, at times you will cry. It is well written and thought-provoking.” (Ms. Putsey).

Kindle:  $4.99 - Paperback $12.99  - Hardcover $29.99

Kable is a practicing Chaos Magic user, a tea shop owner, and about to be embroiled in a murder investigation. Magic, murder, and mayhem--what more can you ask for? 

Masquerade in Chaos: Kable VonSable (Choosing Chaos Book 1)

Kindle:  $Currently FREE  - Paperback $11.11 - Hardback: $22.22 

Menacing Masquerade by Helen G Huntley @helenghuntley1

"Every day they beat him and abused him mercilessly. Every morning they find another soldier dead, his neck broken, and his throat cut on the steps of the palace.
        The invading army starts to realize they have very much underestimated the Ruterians ability to exact revenge. Fear ripples through the ranks of the Frisians as one by one someone among them is killing them off.
        Ivora Palmentola, a spy from the planet Ulmyra, infiltrates their ranks as a Colonel.  She finds him beaten and hurt and takes him under her wing to protect him. She doesn’t know he is the Prince of Ruteria.
        Rue Addinsell calls himself Drack Enthar the same name as the Ruterian God of revenge. He doesn’t know his betrayer is looking for him to kill him, convinced he is the assassin.
        Can they save themselves? Can they save each other? Can they save Ruteria from a future of misery and deprivation under the rule of the Frisians?
        Menacing Masquerade, by Helen G Huntley, is a fast-paced action-packed space opera romance, Book Two in The Onaterian Chronicles series. Menacing Masquerade can be read as a standalone."

Kindle:  $2.99

METAL by J.F. Lawrence @jflHere

When a disease begins rusting important metals overnight, Terrance Mathison, a veteran turned bioengineer, must assemble a team to find a cure as society crumbles.

Kindle:  $3.99 - Paperback:  $9.99 - Hardback $19.99

Sacrilege by Barbara Avon  (Author)

After a senseless act of violence brings a small town to their knees, wayward priest Cris Corelli and the woman he loves teeter on the edge of darkness. 


Kindle:  $2.99 - Paperback $10.99 

Some Assembly Required [Part I of III] by J. S. Norstein

Four millennials deal with another new normal, only this one is monsters manifesting from humanity's collective creative unconscious.

Kindle:  $1.99

Thunder Moon Tussle by Torn MacAlester

Nils Carmike, a fallen from grace astronaut turned smuggler, forges a new life on the lunar frontier. Harassed by the strikingly beautiful and demanding Deputy Miller, he is faced with fines and conflict, resulting in a tumultuous relationship and ultimatum he can’t refuse. Running for their life they struggle against their pasts, hoping to outsmart the common faceless enemy and forced to focus on the only rule that matters: survive!

Kindle:  $4.49  - Paperback:  $ 6.52

Visions of Iotan by Jaimie N. Schock

Heroes_Get_Made When Cillian’s daughter accidentally poisons a bison-sized alien child, he goes to prison. But intervention by another alien sends him and his family on a journey to a nearby solar system. Along with a group of humans and aliens, he investigates a planet with glee, but soon enough, all hell breaks loose.

Kindle:  $4.99 - Paperback $7.85

WItch's Gamble (The Witches of Vegas 3) by Mark Rosendorf 

"It's been nearly two hundred years since Isis, Zack, and The Witches of Vegas saved New Salem from the Wiccan vampire, Valeria. Now, Isis is a vampire and the most powerful witch in the world. Zack is also a vampire, and the president of New Salem. They thought the threat was long behind them. But Valeria escaped into the past where she set history on a horrific path.
        Now, everything has changed around Isis. New Salem is destroyed, Valeria is queen of Earth, and no one has heard of Zack. To save reality, Isis must travel through time, reliving events from a history she barely recognizes, and find a way to set reality back on course. Not that she has any idea how to do that, or how to avoid the all-powerful Valeria in the process.
        Isis will face challenges she can't possibly overcome, yet she must, or every single life from the past, present, and future is doomed."

Kindle:  $4.99 - Paperback $17.99

The Witches of Vegas by Mark Rosendorf

"Where can Witches and their vampire mentor practice their powers without being discovered or persecuted?
    By using their magic, the Witches of Vegas become the number one act performing on the Las Vegas Strip--a great achievement for them, but not so much for the magicians--who can't possibly keep pace.
    Isis Rivera is the adopted fifteen-year old daughter of The Witches of Vegas. Zack Galloway is the teenage nephew and assistant to the last magician left in the city. Although they should be rivals, when Valeria, a four-hundred-year-old witch with a long-seeded grudge against humanity arrives in Sin-City, both teens act to bring their families together to stop the evil hag in her tracks.
    But can the combined witches' powers and the ingenuity of the magicians be enough to stop Valeria from taking over the city and possibly the world?"

Kindle:  $4.99 - Paperback $15.99

WORLD OF MONSTERS by John Lee Schneider

It is the aftermath of the Apocalypse. In the midst of a monster-infested primeval wilderness, human survivors have settled into a small, isolated Valley, where life has been made possible by one woman. A product of genetic science, Shanna shares an empathic bond with the beasts, and under her influence, the Valley has become a tranquil new Eden. But now a great and powerful serpent stands at the gate.Shanna has long felt his presence, and now his time has come. Within his grasp is the power of total destruction and he means to wipe away the last of humankind forever. Come not between the Dragon and his wrath.

Kindle:  $4.99 - Paperback $1.99

Worlds, The King's Pawn by Mike Cahill

"Worlds, the King's Pawn"" is an epic battle of good versus evil. The story is written from multiple character's point of view as it follows the journeys of several sentient super beings in the Zynon Galaxy. The characters explore a wide array of deep matters, including the meaning of consciousness, sentience, freewill, artificial intelligence, and the purpose of existence itself.

In ""Worlds"" the Creator ""Dendrake"", a being of unknown origins grapples with his purpose and develops an ominous scheme to finally find peace. The key to his plan lies in the Sentient Froth Lord, a being of unparalleled power and distinction that the Creator has long foreseen."

Paperback $20