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Melody Jackson v. The Woman in White By BMB Johnson

It all began with a blood-curdling scream in the middle of the night. This spurs on an investigation by Melody Jackson and her family which leads all over Portland. Enlisting the help of Lonnie's friends, Chazz and Malika, the group looks to resolve the mystery of not only the woman in white, but of two mysterious men in a van, and the dreaded Bardo!

It Happened on Lafayette Street (Season One - Book One) - ONLY 99 Cents

In the follow up to "the Woman in White", Melody Jackson and her family is back with the second Episode of Season One's "It Happened on Lafayette Street". In this second installment, Melody and her family are confronted not only with an annoying babysitting gig, but also a horrific beast from the netherworld?

ONLY 99 Cents

“Wait,” Bernie said. “Tell me. I can take it.” He realized then that the words weren't so much coming out of his mouth as they were emerging from his brain. He shook his head. Why was he trying to extract information that he was nearly one hundred percent positive that he didn't want to know. Especially from whatever entity lived down in this hole.
“Okay,” the voice said. “Then I'll tell you, though I must warn you that you might go mad. Are you sure?”

ONLY 99 Cents