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Arcane Dice Podcast @Arcanedice

We're a fun and exciting AP 5e D&D podcast combining bad rolls humor and horrible luck as we delve as deep as possible into the Dungeon of the Mad Mage

Join us for magic monstrosities and mayhem every week

Behold the Roll @BeholdtheRoll

We're an actual play podcast currently playing Dungeons and Dragons 5e. We focus mostly on collaborative storytelling and comedy while staying true to an 'at home' feel to our games. Everyone is welcome and we feature tons of fan submitted content in our episodes - so we'd love to have you join us on our adventures!

Blood Feud With a Sheep @feudwith

BFWAS is a biweekly Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition podcast. Grab a beer and join Clarke, Rod, Stephen, and DM Scott as we navigate ourselves through violence, puzzles, and our own substance abuse issues.

Edon DND Podcast @EdonDND

A DnD podcast. Not sure how this will go, but hopefully it won't be consistent party wipes and charisma checks. email: edondnd@gmail.com

New episode every Wed/Sat

Forge of Lore @forgeoflore1

We're a bunch of nerds that like telling interesting stories by playing D&D! Our first campaign is called Skald. It's a Viking-style culture living on an original world called Thoren, which is littered with defunct technological artifacts from a culture long-gone. It's fantasy meets sci-fi!

The Madness Table | DnD5e Podcast @TheMadnessTable  
A not so well-rounded Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition adventuring party featuring a wizard, a cleric and a warlock are kidnapped and awaken imprisoned in the Underdark. Yes, this is Out of the Abyss, an adventure module playthrough ran by the sadistic Dungeon Master William http://Johnston.Reviews for this module, written by Wizards of the Coast, state "experienced DM required" and "survive or die". It also boasts interesting mechanics and optional rule sets not seen in most DnD 5e games such as the Sanity Ability Score. Player characters include the naive and endearing hobgoblin Indigo Honeydew (played by Andrew Walker), the gruff and unyielding human Sephel Hesk (played by Brendan Proal) and the commanding and always rational Lara Wippen (played by Sam Conklin) accompanied by a slew of NPCs all, of course, played by Dungeon Master Will Johnston. Episodes are to be released bi-weekly starting on Wednesday, November 24 2021. For show inquiries, please email themadnesstable@gmail.com. You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @TheMadnessTable.

Not Another Nat One! @nanodnd

We are an actual play, D&D podcast with a unique homebrew world, original music, impeccable audio quality, and a fun cast of characters! Music, editing, and graphic design are done by people on the show, and we have a growing community we'd love for you to be a part of!

Roll Die For Adventure @HauntedLog

We are a real play podcast that does not take itself to serious.  We play Dungeons and Dragons, Ghostbusters, GI JOE, Hellboy, Marvel FASERIP and Alien.

Rolling For What Now? @Rolling4WhatNow

We are a D&D 5e mature rated actual play podcast that sometimes focuses on dnd and sometimes doesn't focus at all

Roll.Hit.Die. @rollhitdie

A perfect mix of newbie confusion and practiced bad judgment, Roll.Hit.Die. is an actual play 5e/homebrew D&D podcast about a group of unlikely friends trying to save the universe (or something).