Does the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experimentation really get your blood pumping?   If so, have a listen to one of these pods below and really dig into the world of Science.

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The Amber May Show @DJambermay

I talk about current events on the show from a conservative Christian perspective.  We talk about Election Fraud, Medical Fraud and religious fraud. I am a truth seeker. 

Cause Of Death @CauseOfDeath10

My show addresses the history of disease, current pandemics, how we handle them and how to avoid them. 

Dr. Jeffrey Roth’s Looking Good Feeling Great Pod @drrothpodcast

Dr. Jeffrey Roth is a nationally recognized plastic surgeon based in Las Vegas, he’s also known as the “Fight Doc” with @trboxing @Podbean @Spotify @ITunes #pod Former president of the Clark Country medical society

Elton Reads A Book A Week  @Eltonreadsalot

A dark humor comedy writer shares a book he's read; foul mouthed hijinks ensue.

Foodball @foodballpod

Food is amazing, y'all. Cooking doesn't need to be mystical, complicated, or just a "woman's work." Do you want to be the friend who burns microwave ramen or the friend who can turn ten bucks and an hour into a jaw-dropping dinner? Regardless of their identity, everybody can be a decent cook. If you want, together we can not only get to decent but pretty damn good. #HumansCook

Getting Down & Wordy @downandwordy

Humorous edutainment about pop music and language.

The Geography of Everything @geoofeverything

Two students trying to figure out the geography of, well, everything. From silly to scary, big to small, biology to social sciences we want to uncover it all.

Generation Anthropocene @GenAnthropocene

Stories and conversations about planetary change and our new geologic age. 

My Opinion @__my__opinion

Weekly Podcast on Science, Climate (#climatecrisis), Space, Supernatural Phenomenon, Human Nature & some fun stuff.  All views are my own.  RT ≠ Endorsements.

None Of This Is Real @NOTIRpodcast

None Of This Is Real is a comedy podcast about all things mysterious and weird, hosted by 2 friends; a believer and a skeptic. We cover cryptids, conspiracies, cults and so much more. Then we ask the ultimate question- “is any of this real?”

The pH Podcast @thephpodcasters

The pH podcast is a platform for African health stories. We delve into different health conditions through the lens of the patient with an aim to educate and entertain.

The Pine Chunks Podcast @Pinechunkspod

A couple of pals discuss conspiracies, cryptids, diseases, history and generally weird stuff from the past, present and future.

The “professional” Slackers Podcast @proslackerspod

Two long time bros broing out

Psychocinematic @psychocinematicpodcast

A fortnightly(ish) podcast analyzing depictions of mental illness and disability in popular film and tv.  We may ruin your fav movie but we do it with fun, humour and education. 

ReNouned @ReNounedPodcast 

ReNouned is a podcast for the curious. We dust off the commonplace to look for shiny new relevance as we challenge ourselves to think critically about the objects that surround us. How do they echo humanity’s past, reflect the present, or foreshadow the future?

ResearchPod @ResearchPodHQ

Making #podcasts that connect #research to a global audience

The S-4 Bunker @Thes4bunker

We are a paranormal podcast which decided to break the norm. We talk about everything and anything and in the end nothing is off limits.

SoundsInterestingPodcast @Sound_Pod

Our connection with sound is deep and fanciful, scientific, social, psychological, cultural, even spiritual, sometimes mysterious, often surprising, but always fascinating. Join us on a journey of curiosity inspired by personal experience and real-life events, exploring everything that Sounds Interesting. Listen wherever you get your podcasts!  

Starship Tempest @StarshipTempest

A fun and funny actual play and sound designed podcast using Star Trek Adventures.

Whiskey Hell Podcast @Whiskey_Hell

We’re a news commentary show that brings great craft beer and discussion about current events. More comedic than anything.