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A Daddy for Emma by Sadie Stern

A Daddy for Emma- Emma is submissive. She seeks a strong man who will make decisions for her when she is incapable of making them for herself. She needs a Daddy, although she is then unsure exactly what that means? She needs a man of strength to own her soul but not treat her as his slave. A man who isn’t violent and brutal, someone who will be there to cling to in difficult times, a man to satisfy her special needs in every way. She joins a group on social media, there, she meets a man who seems ideal but proves to be elusive. She is smitten and knows she has to meet him, so when the invite arrives she knows she has no choice. Given a date, a time and venue, she’s told he’ll only wait five minutes past her arrival time, a warning not to be late! Afterwards he explains six basic rules and invites her to his home, will she follow him to his house where her training can then commence?

Kindle  $2.99

A Straight Married Woman's First Lesbian Encounter by Judy Ramsook

All her gay life, Stacy Willard has been cautious about liasions with straight, married women. But how careful can you be?

For Stacy, she is about to learn why some straight, married women should remain- untouched-

Kindle:  $.99

A Straight Married Woman's First Lesbian Encounter Part 2 by Judy Ramsook

Beth's persistence in trying to find Stacy leads to positive results for her, but where does that leave Stacy and Brenda?

Kindle:  $.99

Back to the Light (Wonder of Light book 3) by Jessica Scachetti

The next generation in the Wonder of Light series weave their way through the hurtles of life while mending broken hearts and souls in this faith-based romance novel.

Kindle:  $4.99 - Paperback $12.99

Blackmailed by my gorgeous stepmother by Judy Ramsook

Things haven’t been the same for Shelly since Felicia, her stepmother found out her secret that she’s a lesbian. And when Felicia tells Shelly what she wants in return for keeping this bit of information from her homophobic father, feelings take over.

Buried feelings Shelly and Felicia thought they kept hidden.

The true villain here is Shelly's guilty conscience...

Kindle:  $.99

Bound in Paradise by Blisse Wynters @whippedsteel

Necie and her husband, Cameron haven't "connected" in months. During their vacay with a plus one, sparks fly. Will they keep the romance when they're home?

Kindle:  $2.99

Broken Boys Beyond Friendships by Dak Kopec

"This emotionally charged novel is about a fifty-three-year-old man reliving his past regrets that attracted international media attention. 

Kindle:  $6.99 - Paperback $15.99

Coyote by Ashley Brandt

Sometimes your enemies are closer than your friends…

        Eighteen-year-old Raven Thatcher is a coyote shapeshifter and newly promoted pack warrior. On the eve of her first duty assignment, Raven is attacked by her boyfriend Jonathan, who has turned feral. Rescued by a beautiful stranger in the forest, Raven immediately becomes infatuated with the man in tribal art, the one who watches her in the shadows.

        When tragedy strikes the pack, Raven hunts for justice, forging her own path between duty and desire, honor and love. Based on the centuries-old Navajo legend of Ma'ii, Coyote spins a web of suspense, mystery, and seduction that will keep readers guessing until the last paragraph.

Kindle:  $2.99 - Paperback $10.11

        Real estate mogul Christian Hunt has been released on probation under the stipulation he attend eight months of anger management therapy. Jessica Gold is the psychiatrist he has sought out for his sessions, although he has made it clear that he has no interest in discussing the issues that brought him to her office.
        The sizzling attraction that develops between these two broken petals soon blossoms into a dark and obsessive love that will not allow anything or anyone to stand in its way, and things take a deadly turn after that love is unexpectedly threatened.

Kindle:  5.95