“One senses that it is a region of cosmic antiquity, and that man is no more significant here than any other of the insects that crawl in the dust.”

Mark Samuels, The Man Who Collected Machen and Other Weird Tales

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Aidaean Saga: Triumph of Destiny by Matt Sean Bell

Aidaean Saga: Triumph of Destiny is an epic, science fantasy adventure about a group of heroes who must band together to stop a great war from destroying their world.

Kindle:  $10 ($9 with 10% off code TRIUMPH10 - Paperback $15 ($13.50 with 10% off code TRIUMPH10)

The Crimson Calling by Patrick C Greene

Ex special forces soldier Olivia Irons has become a vampire, just in time for a war between two factions of the undead, one seeking peace with mankind, the other -- subjugation.

Kindle:  $3.99 - Paperback $12.99

Jubjub Juice by Neil S Reddy  @thistribe

Best of Collection of short stories previously published works. Includes horror favourite Mr Hedges; weird fiction Jesus Zit, and twisted sci-fi Jubjub Juice and The Greatest Slimming Pill Ever. 

Kindle:  £3.99 - Paperback £9.99 

Some Assembly Required [Part I of III] by J. S. Norstein

Four millennials deal with another new normal, only this one is monsters manifesting from humanity's collective creative unconscious.

Kindle:  $1.99

The Window Peep by Salwa Michel

Journey of the mindset of a girl locked up physically, but does her mind stop searching for a snippet of life? Behind the window, she stays, her mind though is a different story. Forbidden fruits are desired until within reach, then all hell breaks loose.

Kindle:  $2.99  - Paperback $15.99

Visions of Iotan by Jaimie N. Schock

Heroes_Get_Made When Cillian’s daughter accidentally poisons a bison-sized alien child, he goes to prison. But intervention by another alien sends him and his family on a journey to a nearby solar system. Along with a group of humans and aliens, he investigates a planet with glee, but soon enough, all hell breaks loose.

Kindle:  $4.99 - Paperback $7.85

WItch's Gamble (The Witches of Vegas 3) by Mark Rosendorf 

"It's been nearly two hundred years since Isis, Zack, and The Witches of Vegas saved New Salem from the Wiccan vampire, Valeria. Now, Isis is a vampire and the most powerful witch in the world. Zack is also a vampire, and the president of New Salem. They thought the threat was long behind them. But Valeria escaped into the past where she set history on a horrific path.
        Now, everything has changed around Isis. New Salem is destroyed, Valeria is queen of Earth, and no one has heard of Zack. To save reality, Isis must travel through time, reliving events from a history she barely recognizes, and find a way to set reality back on course. Not that she has any idea how to do that, or how to avoid the all-powerful Valeria in the process.
        Isis will face challenges she can't possibly overcome, yet she must, or every single life from the past, present, and future is doomed."

Kindle:  $4.99 - Paperback $17.99