Helen G Huntley, Author

Helen spent the beginning of her writing career on the East Coast of the US writing and directing plays for different small theatrical events. She also wrote captivating short stories she would tell at fairs to small audiences, mostly wide-eyed children. Ideas for novels filled her mind until she finally left and moved to the West Coast and started experimenting with writing books. She loves to write complicated plots with lots of characters, adding twists and turns at every chance. She will always make sure there is at least one romance to keep the reading spicy and the temperature hot. Of course, a happy ending is a must despite what she puts her characters through. She is heard often explaining that without a happy ending everything is in vain. She doesn't lack imagination and her list of ideas for books continues to grow. Helen believes as she writes each book she increases and becomes a better writer and loves being an author and publisher on her own.

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We sat down at talked with Helen about Books

Author Overlord: Please tell me a little about your Books/Writing, or anything related to that that comes to mind...

Helen Huntley: I suppose I should talk about writing. I write whatever inspires me. It’s usually nothing very profound other than an idea, or concept that starts formulating in my mind. It may start out one way and then evolve with other concepts or ideas adding to it until I have something solid to put on paper.

AO: What makes your Book/Characters unique?

HH: I don’t know if my characters or books are unique. I don’t want them to be like any others, but I don’t want them to be way out there either. I just want them to be entertaining. I want people to read and enjoy themselves throughout the book. I do try to make my characters as real as possible, and I want my readers to be able to relate to them and like them or hate them depending on the character.

AO: How long have you been writing? And have you been able to make a living of it?

HH: I’ve been writing for several years. I originally wrote plays for theater and either directed them or helped direct them. I only started self-publishing about four years ago.

I haven’t been able to make a living at it. Probably because I despise marketing and I’m poor. If I could hire someone to do it for me, and just keep popping out the books and not have to deal with it there might be hope of making a living. Until then I’ll just keep writing and squeak out a promotion now and then.

AO: Tell us about a memorable moment that inspired a scene/chapter/entire book.

HH: I don’t think there are any memorable moments that have inspired me to write. Like I said previously I work off concepts and ideas but. . .

My book Menacing Masquerade was written from something I read in a history book about Julius Lucius and how he was taken and enslaved instead of killed because he faked being retarded. Then twenty years later, rose up and led an army to defeat the enemy. My book doesn’t go through twenty years, and it is in space, another galaxy and I added a love story to it but that’s where I got that idea.

The sea Ghost was written because I read a short pirate story that was so horrible and badly written with lame characters that it angered me, and I had to write my own with some substance to it.

The Ghost of Manor Ren started out as an idea for an erotic ghost story but then I thought sex with dead people, even ghosts was gross, so I changed the concept, added a plot and it’s one of my best sellers with five star reviews.

AO: Cool. Who are some of your authory influencers?

HH: I really love Charles Dickens, what a genius, but I could never write like him. The depth of character, the plots, the emotion, the descriptions are all way beyond me, but I try.

AO: In a world where everyone can publish a book on their own, what struggles have you found when trying to get your books noticed? [Have you gone to conventions, done other interviews, book signings/readings, etc.?

HH: I’m a bit of an introvert. I cringe at being in public let alone receiving attention. Book signings and conventions are out of the question. I read a book called, Marketing for Introverts, and it wasn’t introverted enough. I basically wanted to know how I could market and not have to do anything, but they didn’t have that chapter. I’ve tried a few things and I’ve gotten ripped off by over enthusiastic marketers who are confident they can sell my book. I would think if you gave someone a lot of money to market they should use that money for something more than just tweeting once or twice and putting a few impotent comments on Facebook. I think unless a marketing god falls from the sky and crashes through my roof, then gets hit on the head and thinks he is my slave, it’s going to be a long slow haul.

AO: [laughs] I think that would come in handy. What good, bad or ridiculous feedback have you received that particularly sticks out in your mind?

HH: One thing that someone said about my book Darkness Hovering was that it didn’t have a strong female lead. I just thought it was odd because the book is about a man.

My readers seem to occasionally have a difficult time if any of the men in my book say something inappropriate to a woman. (usually a woman). If I had to dumb down everything I wrote I couldn’t write. I find it strange that people accept and like books with gory murders, insane slashers, seriously sick psychopath’s, BDSM, sex slavery, etc. but if a man in a book calls a woman ‘honey’ they become outraged and want to ostracize you.

I have had a lot of good, encouraging feedback and even though I don’t sell a lot of books, the ones who have reviewed usually give me four and five stars.

AO: I think you're an excellent writer, and those stars are greatly deserved. What happened in your life that transformed you from a reader to an author?

HH: I came to a point where I had to get it all out of my head and write it down. I was too constrained writing theatre. I couldn’t express everything I wanted. Also, there were too many opinions and people wanting to change things not always understanding my ideas. I really appreciate constructive criticism and anything that will help me learn and do better, but not if it isn’t genuine. Not if the motive is to promote their own ideas and opinions, and there is a lot of that out there. It got tiring. I wanted to just write.

AO: Here's a dumb question I ask everyone for some reason. Do you believe in Bigfoot?

HH: I don’t think that do ‘I believe’ is the correct question. I think it should be do ‘I care’ if there is or isn’t a Bigfoot, and the answer is no. I don’t care.

AO: Fair enough. Is there anything you'd like to tell the world right now? (Such as links/webpages/etc.)

HH: My website address is authorhelenhuntley.com The coming soon page is my favorite. I’m currently working on Book Five of the Onaterian Series, “From out of Silence”.

Two more books are on the horizon. I have already completed them, but I’m in the beta reading/editing stages of both.

One is a historical suspense romance that takes place during the Napoleonic War called “Deceitful Malice.” It’s loaded with action and suspense, there was so much of that I didn’t have room for the sex, which is a first.

The other is a side story in the Onaterian series, lots of magic, an alien vampire, snake people, it turned out good and is one of my favorites. I had it end in a way that I could do a continuation of it. It’s called “The Gods Who Don’t Forgive.”

I have too many books to put all the links on here, but you can go to pretty much any online bookstore and put in my name, Helen G Huntley, and my books will come up. I really need reviews so don’t be shy.

I’m slowly moving to Amazon exclusively because of the ease in putting out a print book. I just published Ogre Lake on Amazon and was able to easily produce a print book as well as an eBook. I am not computer savvy so easier will win with me.

AO: Awesome. Thanks Helen. Good luck with your writing in the future. Readers, you can also find Helen's books directly below this interview. They all offer direct links to purchase.

Darkness Hovering: The Onaterian Chronicles Book 1 by Helen G Huntley

A tight knit team of galactic spies using everything including magic, take down a notorious criminal who thought he had an unstoppable plan to take over the Planet Astua. The Prince of Astua falls into a complicated love affair with one of the spies who has a haunting past she cant get through. Full of action, romance, and intrigue.

eBook: $4.99 - Paperback $6.14 - Hardback $25.99

Dreams and Secrets by Helen G Huntley

A rancher in Denver Colorado falls in love with a young woman and his desire for her is overwhelming. as a result he keeps aloof from her eventually driving her away. They both learn from the Arapaho Indians how to relax and be themselves. In the mean time trouble is brewing in town among the ex-cavalry soldiers.

eBook: $2.99

Eradicating the Beast by Helen G Huntley

A genetically modified beast is let loose in the forest of the planet Astua. The forester is attacked but not dead, he has amnesia and doesn't remember that he had uncovered a plot to assassinate the emperor. He also doesn't know those involved are looking to kill him.

eBook: $3.99

The Ghost of Manor Ren by Helen G Huntley @helenhhuntley1

"The dark, gloomy manor had been haunted for a hundred years…or so they all believed.
No one ever knew what really happened on that day in 1845, when Reilly and Lon Ren mysteriously disappeared. The bodies were never found.
It’s now 1945, and Claude Wallace doesn’t believe in ghosts. He needs that property for its location and a place to deposit his daft but necessary wife.
By the time Reilly and Lon are finished with Claude, he and his nefarious allies will all believe in ghosts."

eBook: $2.99

Ogre Lake: Nothing to Fear by Helen G Huntley

1928 Connecticut

Everyone knew not to go to Ogre Lake. Time after time the reports came back of the evil ogre that lived there and what he would do to you. Carina Raison didn’t believe it. She said it was merely propaganda from the owners to keep people from infiltrating their property. It was the perfect place for her to be alone and consider what she wanted to do with herself. No one would bother her. Will she meet the Ogre, or will she find something even more bizarre that no one could possibly contemplate?
Cawdron Darois a former detective moved to a small town in Connecticut to get away from the crime and craziness of his hometown, New Orleans. He’s content to take jobs finding lost pets and photographing wayward spouses. But to his dismay there is a ghost in house who is adamant at getting his help. In the meantime, he gets pulled into a murder investigation where several wealthy men in the area have been killed, their deaths, initially considered an accident.
Ogre Lake is a paranormal suspense story that takes place in Connecticut right before the Great Depression. It’s full of suspense, romance, and characters who will make you smile, make you laugh and make you cry.

eBook: $3.99 - Paperback: 8.99

Menacing Masquerade by Helen G Huntley @helenghuntley1

"Every day they beat him and abused him mercilessly. Every morning they find another soldier dead, his neck broken, and his throat cut on the steps of the palace.
The invading army starts to realize they have very much underestimated the Ruterians ability to exact revenge. Fear ripples through the ranks of the Frisians as one by one someone among them is killing them off.
Ivora Palmentola, a spy from the planet Ulmyra, infiltrates their ranks as a Colonel. She finds him beaten and hurt and takes him under her wing to protect him. She doesn’t know he is the Prince of Ruteria.
Rue Addinsell calls himself Drack Enthar the same name as the Ruterian God of revenge. He doesn’t know his betrayer is looking for him to kill him, convinced he is the assassin.
Can they save themselves? Can they save each other? Can they save Ruteria from a future of misery and deprivation under the rule of the Frisians?
Menacing Masquerade, by Helen G Huntley, is a fast-paced action-packed space opera romance, Book Two in The Onaterian Chronicles series. Menacing Masquerade can be read as a standalone."

eBook: $2.99

The Monster of Arden by Helen G Huntley @helenghuntley1

"The small town of Arden, Massachusetts has been put under a spell by a four-hundred-year-old warlock masquerading as a preacher who calls himself Levi.
With an appetite for handsome young men, he has made his latest prey the most powerful man in Arden.
After a horrible double murder and one young girl left half insane, the people of the town are riled up into a frenzy and burn the house of an innocent family with them in it.
Levi doesn’t know the family is not dead.
Immediately, everything begins to go awry. There are multiple sorcerers opposing him. Who are they? Where did they come from?
Ten years later, the young man he thought they had killed that fateful night, returns as the police chief of Arden, bent on revenge. He will use justice agents, the police force and his sorcerer connections to bring Levi and his criminal lover to justice.
In the meantime, Levi can sense somewhere, one of his warlock brothers is near, having hunted him for hundreds of years to destroy him. Levi doesn’t know where he is or who he is.
The Monster of Arden, is a gripping paranormal suspense with a sweet romance and a happy ending."

eBook: $2.99

The Pretense of Control (The Onaterian Chronicles Book 3) by Helen G Huntley

He loves her. Gravis Denaley, leader of a galactic spy agency, thinks himself above love, that he can ignore what his heart wants, do his job and all will be well. And that's just what he has been doing . .

She loves him. Victra Loomis, a hard-hitting no-nonsense spy, who works for Gravis, her unrequited love. She loses her ability to keep her head in the game and her temper under control during an undercover assignment infiltrating a weapons smuggling ring when Gravis becomes involved.

eBook: $2.99

The Sea Ghost by Helen G Huntley @helenghuntley1

"Judith Adams is traveling on one her own merchant ships, heading for Cadiz, Spain from London, England. The cantina she owns in Cadiz, has been taken over by rebels and some of her workers are being held hostage. Her only thought is to try to save them.
When her ship is attacked by the infamous pirate they call the Sea Ghost, she employs him and his crew to help her against the rebels. He is more than willing to help her since he is captivated by her from the beginning. She has no idea that Lennox Cantor her childhood sweetheart has set a trap for her. He is waiting filled with malice, thoughts of torture and revenge for her rejection of him. Filled with anger and impatience, he has already been thwarted and outmaneuvered by the Sea Ghost as he tried to reach Cadiz. Lennox doesnt know Judith has hired this same pirate to help her. How will Lennox respond when he finds out that not only has the Sea Ghost destroyed his plans and taken everything he has, but he has also taken his woman? “The Sea Ghost” is an action, adventure, romance, with a host of fascinating characters, set in early nineteenth century."

eBook: $2.99

Reviews for "The Sea Ghost"

The Sea Ghost by Helen G Huntley is a fast-paced, exciting read. Set in Victorian times, it’s a gripping action novel packed full of romance and plenty of pirates too.

Helen did a great job of setting the scene and introducing characters straight away. Early on, you build empathy and a connection with the characters, which makes this even more of an enjoyable read. By building empathy from the beginning, it hooks the reader and I was tied to the rest of the book after only the first page. I was so invested in the characters throughout – especially Judith, whom I felt I could relate to and I’m sure many other women will too. I really loved how strongly Judith was portrayed despite the story being set in Victorian times.

One of my favourite chapters was chapter one because I was really drawn to Judith’s strong personality. After chapter one, everything flowed effortlessly. The characters took the story to the next level and it didn’t even feel like there was a narrator making it super realistic.

It felt so easy to read and everything that happened just felt like it was exactly what was meant to happen. It was just meant to be.

Most of the dialogue throughout felt so natural and believable. One of my favourite scenes was the conversation between Judith and Reif. That particular scene was my favourite of the entire book and made me really admire Helen’s storytelling skills.

At times, I must say that I struggled to visualize the scene. Towards the end when all the action was happening I felt there was a lack of description, meaning it wasn’t as high-quality writing as the rest of the book, but didn’t affect the overall novel too much.

I really like how the story was unveiled slowly in drips and drabs. It kept you hooked to the page throughout, just waiting to uncover another golden nugget of the story.

I also loved how the character of the Sea Ghost had so many layers to him. I found him and the entire book completely fascinating. I devoured it in two sittings! It’s such a riveting novel packed with action and romance; you simply can’t put it down.

Review by Daisy Blacklock
I'm a young writer of fiction and poetry. I was a commended Foyle Young Poet Of The Year in 2022.
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