Sometimes a topic goes down a little better with a fresh pint of brew (or a bottle of vodka).  Consider following one of these Drunkcasts below and find something new and unexpected.

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20 Years, 4 Beers @years_beers

A show dedicated to re-watching classic films from two decades ago, while drinking a minimum of four modern beers. Two brothers sit down and discuss their memories of the film, review the beer, and make fun of each other a brothers do!

Beers With Nerds @BeersWithNerds

3 guys who enjoy drinking beers and talking about Games, TV shows, Movies, Board Games and anything else!

Blood Feud With a Sheep @feudwith

BFWAS is a biweekly Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition podcast. Grab a beer and join Clarke, Rod, Stephen, and DM Scott as we navigate ourselves through violence, puzzles, and our own substance abuse issues.

The Brum Plugs @TheBrumPlugs

3 blokes,drinking beer and taking the piss.

Just having a laugh 😃 

Crime Over Wine @CrimeOverWine

Crime Over Wine is a crime and wine podcast in one. We tell head-scratching true crime stories of murder, mystery, missing people, and also run-of-the-mill crimes that need to be told on a larger scale all over a new bottle of wine each week.

Dennis Versus The World @DennnisVTWPod

Each week Dennis tackles the tough topics, like ... What if Mr. Drummond was actually part of a slavery ring. Exactly, Dennis talks about stuff you probably shouldn't.

Drinks and Things @DrinksnThings

A podcast where we drink and talk about things!

Everyday life issues

Drunks VS The World @DrunksWorld 

"Just some guys coming together drinking beer and recording a podcast tackling the worlds problems according to us!"

Explain It Me @Explainitme 

A weekly comedy podcast hosted by 2 friends where we explain the entire plot of a confusing movie to the person who has never seen it but we have to do it drunk!

Facts, Tall tales and all things in-between @Randomstuff369

"I drink whiskey and read public domain stories"

I Could Get Into This @ICGetIntoThis

Hosted by Leah & Brett, this Podcast explores unique habits and hobbies that might get you to say, "I Could Get Into This!"

🍷Ladies Night Podcast🍷 @ladiesnightpod3

Tabby, Jenn & Lisa talk about literally everything, definitely not for the faint of heart. 

Married with Drinks @MarriedDrinks

A married couple sharing & discussing their lives and the world around them over one too many drinks.

Nerds and Slurred Words @slurrednerds 

Two Nerds, Copious Amounts of Alcohol, one great podcast. We like to show you what’s in your drink, and talk about all things Nerd. 

Roll Die For Adventure @HauntedLog

We are a real play podcast that does not take itself to serious.  We play Dungeons and Dragons, Ghostbusters, GI JOE, Hellboy, Marvel FASERIP and Alien.

SackyHack Productions @sackyhackpro

Living life on the road. Joking about past and current experiences. 

The Tipsy Cocks Podcast @TipsyCocksPod "PUBS and TRAINS!

Each month we'll be travelling along the trainlines to various pubs around the UK, discussing a wide range of topics over a wide range of beverages. Giving you advice on all your personal problems, with the confidence only a couple of drunkards can muster. We're also be your very own travel companions giving you all sorts of fun info to help you set off on your very own adventure."

Two Wizards Podcast @Twowizardspodc1

Two Wizards buddies, Mark and Josh explore a variety of topics like history, video games, and the mysterious.

What keeps me up at night @Whatkeepsmeupsi 

My friends and I chat about all the fun, creepy and unexplained that keep us from sleep. Can't sleep, neither can we!

Personal Journal

Where's Our Podcast? with Mike & Jess @WheresOurPod

Our Shtick is Being Poor