“You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children.” - Madeleine L'Engle, on Writing for the right audience.

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The Legend of the Spirit Bear by glenda higgins

Children aged 7 - 12 and young adults can identify with the plight of this orphaned bear and his search for his family on Princess Royal Island. He feels lost and alone and is given his purpose by his new-found friends - The Black Blamer and Ernie the Great Blue Heron. Children of this age group feel angst over ""who am I?"", ""how do I fit in my family?"", ""why am I not accepted by the others?"" and ""what does my future hold? ""and are developing insight and abstract thinking – as is my spirit bear. The grand adventure he embarks on when he escapes the zoo with the help of the Black Blamer is filled with action, danger, discovery and friendship.

Kindle: $6.73 (Can) - Paperback $19.41 (Can)

Lottie the Ladybird's Adventure by Genna Rowbotham

"Darcey, a young, adventurous girl runs away from home into the heart of Ladybird Wood where she makes friends with Lottie the Ladybird. Lottie confides in her that she’s lost her spots and they embark on an exciting adventure together looking for them. Along the way, they encounter a strange, peculiar frog, a mischievous cat and are joined by Darcey’s troublesome best friend, George.

As the mystery unfolds, things aren’t quite what they seem.

What could possibly go wrong – and will they ever find Lottie’s spots?

Full of adventure, friendship, and a sweet-talking ladybird."

Kindle: £1.99 - Paperback £6.99

Pentagon Pirate Gang: The Secret of the Orchard by J W Nelson

YA thrilling mystery adventure filled with danger, intrigue, humour & the power of friendship

Kindle: £0.99 - Paperback: £8.99

The School Dance Show by Genna Rowbotham

Best friends, Libby and Mia both want to be the star of the school dance show - but there is only one place. Who will it be? And will it destroy their close friendship? As disastrous events unfold, and the big day finally arrives for the Year Four performance, will either of the girls get their wish?

Kindle: £1.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited - Paperback £4.99

The Wish Fairy of Stoney Middleton by Genna Rowbotham

One year after the death of Jessie’s much-loved horse, Cleo and she is still heartbroken. So when she’s told to write a story in her English lesson, Jessie creates a magical tale about a Wish Fairy that can grant wishes.

The trouble is… things don’t go exactly to plan when to Jessie’s surprise, her paper Wish Fairy drawing becomes real, and there is only one wish that she truly wants… For her golden girl, Cleo to come back to life.

Kindle: £1.99 - Paperback £4.99

Where is Lamby? by Genna Rowbotham

"Where is Lamby? is an interactive rhyming picture book with a classic lost-and-found theme. The story is about a young girl called Bea who loves her Lamby teddy bear so much that she takes her everywhere. This time, they are going on an exciting adventure to the seaside.

Join Bea and Lamby as they travel by train, visit a castle and go to the beach. The trouble is… things don’t always go to plan. Lamby goes missing and Bea is very sad. As the story unfolds, it seems Lamby might be lost forever.

Will she be reunited with her best friend in the world?

A wonderful adventure about loss and the importance of friendship!"

Kindle: £1.99 - Paperback £7.99