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...And Volume For All @AV4Apod

History of Heavy Metal 101 (with jokes)

Borders Bletherings @BBletherings

Bletherings about the history of the Scottish Borders

Cause Of Death @CauseOfDeath10

My show addresses the history of disease, current pandemics, how we handle them and how to avoid them.

Chetventure @chetventure

A podcast where we share our journey, following our interests in travel, food and history.

Countries That Don't Exist Anymore @ctdeapod

Historical entertainment show about countries lost to the mists of time, featuring sketches, songs and special guests.

Destination Weird @Destination_WP

“Destination Weird” is about all of the odd, random, and lesser known historical places throughout the United States that you probably haven’t heard of.

Double Deal - True Stories of Criminals, Crimes, and Lies @DoubleDealPod

A Serial about Mobsters in Mid-Century New England

Elton Reads A Book A Week @Eltonreadsalot

A dark humor comedy writer shares a book he's read; foul mouthed hijinks ensue.

The Gaea Connection @gaeaconnection3

Connecting the dots of our ambiguous existence on Earth through conspiracy theories and myths.

Click here to check out Gaea Connection's page for more reviews

The Geography of Everything @geoofeverything

Two students trying to figure out the geography of, well, everything. From silly to scary, big to small, biology to social sciences we want to uncover it all.

Grand Dukes of the West @ValoisBurgundy

A History of Valois Burgundy, Late Medieval Europe's lost kingdom.

Grave Escapes @GraveEscapes

Graves Escapes is a podcast that gives voices back to the dead. We tell their stories and the stories of their burial.

A podcast launching in February 2022 that helps give voices back to those who have died. Hosted & produced by @caitlinmoments and @dryoceansofink.

In the meantime, please follow @GraveEscapes on twitter for updates and more details.

Helluvawoman Podcast @Helluvapod
Helluvawoman Podcast is a podcast oriented to women and the female world (but not exclusively, anyone could learn a thing or two listen to it) that hopes to educate, inspire and empower other women through the lives and achievements of other notable women, as well as to give voice (through interviews) to women/people who are doing things that might enrich, help, empower other women’s/ people’s lives in general.
The Creator/writer/host/Producer of Helluvawoman Podcast is Eliara Santos. You can find her here:

History of North America @MarkVinet_HNA

Sweeping historical saga of the United States (USA), Canada and Mexico from their deep origins to our present epoch. Join host Mark Vinet on this exciting and fascinating journey through time, exploring and focusing on the interesting, compelling, wonderful and tragic stories of the North American continent, its inhabitants, heroes, villains, leaders, environment and geography

Kids In History @kids_history

We are a history podcast for kids and about kids. Each episode my son and I will tell an inspiration story about a kid in history.

La Fayette, We Are Here! @lafayettepod

French history podcast for Americans, by a Frenchman. Learn all about France's history: Charlemagne, Jeanne d'Arc, Louis XIV, Napoléon and more!

Legit Classics @jasmine_elmer

A classics podcast with a difference! Each week Jasmine tackles a modern theme with a celebrity guest by relating it to our Greco-Roman past. Come for the LOLs and the Learns!

MICRO BREAK @micro_break

A weekly podcast that breaks down what's going on in the world of entertainment, technology and more! Take a break from the madness, take a MICRO BREAK. A fun, entertaining podcast that respects your time and more importantly, your short attention span!

Passed @PassedPod

The podcast for those who would never rule A podcast covering the almost kings and queens is history.

The Past Is Now @PastIsNowPod

The Past Is Now' podcast explores Britain's relationship with its history and the myths that surround it.

Potentially Interesting Roman History @Potentiallyrome

It's Roman. It's history. And it's potentially quite interesting. A sidelong look into the history of the Roman Empire and the Roman world in general, covering death, life, taxes, politics, naughty things, stabby things, unbelievable displays of avarice, poverty, humour, tragedy, religion, food, drink and prostitution. All the important life skills covered in a world two thousand years from our own but eerily familiar. And the vast majority of it is absolutely true.

The “professional” Slackers Podcast @proslackerspod

Two long time bros broing out

Songs and Stories @songsstoriespod

"The stories behind some of Irelands favourite folk songs, rebel songs and Ballads. Their histories, meanings, myths, interpretations and everything in between. "

Texas History Lessons Podcast @TexasHistoryL

Texas History Lessons is a slow walk through Texas history and much more. The podcast is a deep dive into the college Texas History survey course you might or might not have taken plus many bonus episodes looking at sometimes overlooked people and events. Plus Texas music!

That Whole Thing About @ThatThingAbout

Duncan Fisher's weekly series about what's on our minds in news, memes and rumors. Have we seen it before? Is it real? Is it going to kill us? There's history and context worth knowing about!

Thought you were woke No speed Limit podcast @abinion1

I started a podcast that is here to free your mind and open people up to new Ideas and how to change the world they live in.

The Tipsy Cocks Podcast @TipsyCocksPod "PUBS and TRAINS!

Each month we'll be travelling along the trainlines to various pubs around the UK, discussing a wide range of topics over a wide range of beverages. Giving you advice on all your personal problems, with the confidence only a couple of drunkards can muster. We're also be your very own travel companions giving you all sorts of fun info to help you set off on your very own adventure."

TMA: Tour of The Void @TheMentalAstro

The Podcast aims to discuss metaphysical concepts, and bring them into reality, using real-world applications.

Two Wizards Podcast @Twowizardspodc1

Two Wizards buddies, Mark and Josh explore a variety of topics like history, video games, and the mysterious.

Unnamed Occult Radio Show @OccultRadioShow

An after-dark pirate radio show discussing the strange, unusual, and occult hosted by a man equally as enigmatic as the show's title and set to the comforting tones of turn-of-the-century jazz.

Worldstruecrime @worldstruecrime

Hello, we are a Canadian couple who enjoy talking about true crime. As a truck driver, i have listened to a ton of podcasts. Most cases i listen to, are only in North America. I wanted to expand and learn about new cultures and laws by travelling around the world. Join us, Brad and Denise every week on our journey and learn about new cases around the globe.Remember, the world is not always, as it seems.