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48 Minutes of Dogs Barking @48minutesofdogs

Two chuckleheads talk internet history, current events, crypto scams and shock sites

...And Volume For All @AV4Apod

History of Heavy Metal 101 (with jokes)

Arcane Dice Podcast @Arcanedice

We're a fun and exciting AP 5e D&D podcast combining bad rolls humor and horrible luck as we delve as deep as possible into the Dungeon of the Mad Mage

Join us for magic monstrosities and mayhem every week

aurfellas @aurfellaspod

Two mates just talking and laughing about past experiences and certain picked topics. Different topic each week.

Awkwardly Average @AwkAvgPodcast

Average, awkward friends discussing anything average and nerdy! Bringing entertaining and sometimes interesting conversation with some guests along the way.

Allegendly @allegendly

Two friends figuring out if the facts they are presented every week are true or false. They only have their own brains and each other to work with… which is not a lot. 

The Anthony Rogers Show @best_podcast_

The best show in the universe.

Approved for All Audiences @Approvedforall

Movie review, comedy, trivia

A Schmuck and A Hottie Podcast @SchmuckNHottie

Let’s be honest. None of us know what we’re doing.. with anything. We are a husband/wife duo who don't hold any punches when it comes to our debates about our journey through life as we talk about life, careers, parenting, sex, and more! After a few drinks and sharing a few questionable life choices, it's a gamble who says something stupid half the time.

Behold the Roll @BeholdtheRoll

We're an actual play podcast currently playing Dungeons and Dragons 5e. We focus mostly on collaborative storytelling and comedy while staying true to an 'at home' feel to our games. Everyone is welcome and we feature tons of fan submitted content in our episodes - so we'd love to have you join us on our adventures!

The Back Porch USA ~TBP-USA~ @thebackporchusa

~TBP-USA~ Presents the world's oddities, curiosities, wonders, strange history, and #meatburgernation

Bann! - Der LuemmelHankey Podcast @BannPodcast

Hankey and Luemmel talk about funny things and things that happened lately. The Podcast is german.

Beers With Nerds @BeersWithNerds

3 guys who enjoy drinking beers and talking about Games, TV shows, Movies, Board Games and anything else!

Beerz With The Broz @beerzwithbroz

Three Broz Chilling and drinking a cold one talking about the stories you don't hear about on TV.

Be There With Belson @therewithtbelson

2 brothers attempt to make the world laugh or at least each other, oh and they argue a lot

Black People Love Paramore @bplppod @sequoiabholmes

A podcast about the underrepresented interests of different niches of Black people! We're here to make Black people feel *scene* 🤘🏿

Blood Feud With a Sheep @feudwith

BFWAS is a biweekly Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition podcast. Grab a beer and join Clarke, Rod, Stephen, and DM Scott as we navigate ourselves through violence, puzzles, and our own substance abuse issues.

BluntDads Podcast @BluntDads

2 life long friends whonare now Dads talking about anything and everything and being blunt about it all.

Brain Buster Boys @BrainBusterBoys

Brett & Beaumont host a wrestling podcast while grappling with the strange, often-supernatural show business of making a podcast.

The Brocial Podcast @thebrocialcast

A podcast experience like no other. We are four guys talking about life, sports and everything in between. Full of humorous skits, prank calls and of course chirps.

The Brum Plugs @TheBrumPlugs

3 blokes,drinking beer and taking the piss.

Just having a laugh 😃 

Butter Legs @butterlegscast

Wife Sin, husband Jay, and brother Alex watch movies and then write, produce and sing music inspired by the experience. 

Call of Calamity @roguebardmedia

Call of Cthulhu Actual Play in fictional Calamity Colorado a city on the bleeding edge of innovation.

Countries That Don't Exist Anymore @ctdeapod

Historical entertainment show about countries lost to the mists of time, featuring sketches, songs and special guests.

The Crime Diner Podcast (Prev. WDST) @crimedinerpod

We are a true-crime podcast that shares food and wine recommendations while telling a collection of incredible true stories. It‘s kind of like Dateline, meets 60 minutes, meets Oprah, meets Rachael Ray, only without the investigative journalism or professionalism. Join us each week as we cook, drink, and listen to each other tell real life stories of true crime, mystery, suspense, triumph, and much more!

The Cross Cut @thecrosscut

A podcast that contextualizes the news of the day with the story, themes and motifs of a treasured (or trash!) piece of cinema.

Cult of Splat @cultofsplat

Each episode, hosts Taylor Bartle and Kevin Nesgoda take a look at a movie that Rotten Tomatoes has labeled as "rotten" but that they (at least one of them, anyway) absolutely love.