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AGE OF MONSTERS by John Lee Schneider

Once upon a time, Dinosaurs ruled the Earth.
    But the Mesozoic era – the Age of Reptiles – came to its cataclysmic end sixty-five million years ago.
    The Age of Monsters begins tonight.
    And the world of humankind will crumble.
    Some will call it Judgment. Some will attempt to fight. Others will simply run. Most will just try and survive.
    But no one will escape.
    In the mountains. In the oceans. In the cities and towns. Even up in space.
    Where were YOU when the world ended?

Kindle:  $3.99 - Paperback $9.99

Aidaean Saga: Triumph of Destiny by Matt Sean Bell

Aidaean Saga: Triumph of Destiny is an epic, science fantasy adventure about a group of heroes who must band together to stop a great war from destroying their world.

Kindle:  $10 ($9 with 10% off code TRIUMPH10 - Paperback $15 ($13.50 with 10% off code TRIUMPH10)

Below by Kev Harrison

"Decades after his grandfather was buried alive in a Californian gold mine, Dr. Nick Jones teams up with an adventure travel influencer to venture underground and film a documentary, telling the story of what really happened.

What should be a dream come true soon becomes a nightmare as someone or something stirs…BELOW"

Kindle:  $4.99 - Paperback $8.78

The Balance by Kev Harrison

"When myth becomes nightmare ... The price of blood is always blood.

Natalia's in trouble. She only looked away for a second, and now her brother's hurt. Her relationship with her mother is fractured, her brother's condition is deteriorating, and her only hope lays deep in the unforgiving forest. A secret spoken only in whispers offers a way out. But when help comes in occult forms a sacrifice may be the only way to restore the balance.

Humanity and nature collide in The Balance by Kev Harrison, a modern reimagining of the Slavic folk tale of Baba Yaga, set in Cold War Poland."

Kindle:  $2.99 - Paperback $9.95

BLACKFISH DOWN by John Lee Schneider

Captive orcas escape!

Dr. Pete Nichols, Killer Whale specialist, senses the tempest. Shark-expert, Dr. Lauren Palmer believes she can stop it. For Kate Foster, it is theater – a spectacle to be exploited.

But it will soon be life and death for them all.

Because in a war of alpha-killers, humans are nothing but prey.

Kindle:  $3.99 - Paperback $9.99


Jaws vs Orca!

Dr. Pete Nichols, Killer Whale specialist, senses the tempest. Shark-expert, Dr. Lauren Palmer believes she can stop it. For Kate Foster, it is theater – a spectacle to be exploited.

But it will soon be life and death for them all.

Because in a war of alpha-killers, humans are nothing but prey.

Kindle:  $3.99 - Paperback $10.95

Byron Beyond the Firmament by Neil S Reddy @thistribe

Lord Byron's lost sci-fi masterpiece... or is it a true account of the MAD BAD & DANGEROUS TO KNOW kidnapping by aliens? It's Gothic Sci-fi, Georgian Steampunk. A real sci-fi romp based in historical fact... perhaps.

Kindle:  £3.99 - Paperback £12.99 

Coyote by Ashley Brandt

Sometimes your enemies are closer than your friends…

        Eighteen-year-old Raven Thatcher is a coyote shapeshifter and newly promoted pack warrior. On the eve of her first duty assignment, Raven is attacked by her boyfriend Jonathan, who has turned feral. Rescued by a beautiful stranger in the forest, Raven immediately becomes infatuated with the man in tribal art, the one who watches her in the shadows.

        When tragedy strikes the pack, Raven hunts for justice, forging her own path between duty and desire, honor and love. Based on the centuries-old Navajo legend of Ma'ii, Coyote spins a web of suspense, mystery, and seduction that will keep readers guessing until the last paragraph.

Kindle:  $2.99 - Paperback $10.11

The Crimson Calling by Patrick C Greene

Ex special forces soldier Olivia Irons has become a vampire, just in time for a war between two factions of the undead, one seeking peace with mankind, the other -- subjugation.

Kindle:  $3.99 - Paperback $12.99

Darkness Hovering: The Onaterian Chronicles Book 1  by Helen G Huntley @helenghuntley1

A tight knit team of galactic spies using everything including magic, take down a notorious criminal who thought he had an unstoppable plan to take over the Planet Astua. The Prince of Astua falls into a complicated love affair with one of the spies who has a haunting past she cant get through. Full of action, romance, and intrigue.

Kindle:  $2.99

The Demagogue Wars by C. Elmon Meade "Chris"

"As many return to their pre-pandemic lives, we have yet to fully understand the aftermath of COVID-19. For C. Elmon Meade, questions about the impact of new variants led him to ruminate about the future. The result is this dystopian thriller that tackles religion, politics, and culture wars. “My premise going into this work was what if the events of 2020 not only continued for 100 years, but actually got worse,"" Meade said.

In this version of America’s future, disparate rebel factions align with otherworldly forces (Alien? Heavenly?) to combat a Communist hegemonic power in a world besieged by decades of pestilence, war, and death. “The Plan” will be revealed to an indigenous girl while the world braces for annihilation!"

Kindle:  $9.99 - Paperback:  $21.99  - Hardback:  $28.99

DEVILFISH by John Lee Schneider 

For centuries, legends have told of the Kraken – nightmarish, tentacled beasts, attacking ships, devouring sailors. Now they have arrived off the shores of Beach City. The Colossal squid – one of the most mysterious and deadly predators in the ocean. Researcher Travis Prescott has been hunting these elusive beasts for years – and now for the first time they have risen from the depths – lethal and hungry.For reporter Ashley Wells, it is the story of a lifetime. For Professor Clyde Spencer, it is the culmination of a lifetime's search. And for the wealthy and connected Colin Mason, it is a new and deadly obsession. But for Beach City, it is the beginning of a nightmare. Sometimes legends are real.

Kindle:  $3.99 - Paperback $9.99

Eradicating the Beast by Helen G Huntley @helenghuntley1

A genetically modified beast is let loose in the forest of the planet Astua. The forester is attacked but not dead, he has amnesia and doesn't remember that he had uncovered a plot to assassinate the emperor. He also doesn't know those involved are looking to kill him.

Kindle:  $3.99

Fear Farm: No Trespassers  by S. J. Krandall  (Author, Photographer)

A quick read filled with short stories that come together for one gruesome end. The author is  currently working on book 2.

(Amazon Review) I loved how all the stories were tied together by the farm and the monster that preyed upon them. It was well written and I enjoyed the photographs as well. I honestly wish there had been more stories. Definitely recommend to horror fans!

Kindle:  $8.99 - Paperback $13.95 

GATOR GLADES by John Lee Schneider

Man-eating crocodiles have invaded the Everglades. A generation of dangerous hybrids has grown to maturity, and people are being killed. In a desperate effort to save lives, Ranger Daniel Reid has partnered with Gator Glades reptile park to trap and remove the invasive hybrids. But crocs breed in high numbers, and park director, Jen Summers, predicts an ecological disaster. But there are more sinister creatures out on the swamp than crocodiles. 

Kindle:  $3.99 - Paperback $10.99

God Bless My Broken Road by Stacy Thowe (author)

Travel down Sarah and Ben's broken paths as they struggle to get through one of life's crashes. The type of life-altering experience that leaves you fighting to stay afloat. Contact Barnes & Noble for a copy. Also on Amazon. Links at http://stacythowe.com #readers

Kindle:  $4.50 - Paperback $11.51  - Hardcover $21.54

The Holy Grail War: The Hedgehog by Armanins Ar-feinial @Sarcastic_elf

The gods live among us. In their pursuit of the Holy Grail they are about to turn our world into their battlefield.

Kindle:  $0.99 - Paperback $15.97

Hound of the Biscuit Barrel by Neil S Reddy @thistribe 

Strange things are afoot in the town of Broston. Never feat Fast Like and Taxi Sam are here.  A subversion of the Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson amateur sleuth setup via David Lynch, David Cronenberg: if they were writing a 'Carry On' noir detective adventure.

Kindle:  £3.99 - Paperback £9.99 

HYBRID VIGOR by John Lee Schneider

Two people have been killed inside a month, and now a monster croc has been captured – a hybrid – grown huge with 'hybrid-vigor' – and in the Everglades, a new and deadly invasive species – the most aggressive predator on the planet.
        Authorities are baffled – where did it come from? And what else might be lurking out on the water?
        But Abigail O'Neil knows.

Kindle:  $3.99 - Paperback $9.99

It Came Upon a Midnight  by Dorian J Sinnott @doriansinnott

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – for everyone except for Harold Trapp. With sales numbers plummeting, his company rushes plans to create the perfect Christmas gift. But with a tight deadline hanging over their heads, stress is a frequent visitor. As are the two cats that mysteriously appear on his doorstep. But there’s something sinister hiding behind their sweet and furry demeanor. The spirit of the season is far more than Harold Trapp bargained for.

Kindle:  $2.99 - Paperback $14.95 

Ivar was a young boy when the unthinkable happened. A Coup ripped his family apart and left his father dead. With his beloved city in ruins. Ivar and his mother are forced to leave as http://refugees.In a foreign land, he is forced to fight for the regime that helped topple his father’s kingdom. He spends ten years learning the ways of war and the way the regime operates. With anger as his emotional fuel. He causes events that bring about his captor's downfall.Blood comes with every sword

Paperback $13.89  - Hardback $16.89

Journey To New Salem (The Witches of Vegas 2) by Mark Rosendorf

A year has passed since The Witches of Vegas saved the city from the evil Wiccan vampire, Valeria. Since then, the show has hit an all-time high. So has the romance between teen witch Isis Rivera and teenage magician, Zack Galloway.
        Things couldn't be any better for them until Isis develops seizures that cause her power to spiral out of control. Fires and earthquakes are just the beginning of the chaos caused by the misfired witchcraft. Unable to find a cure, Isis' family journeys to New Salem, a fabled village of witches which may or may not even exist. Meanwhile, Zack ends up face to face with the only being who may have a cure…Valeria. But does he dare pay her price?"

Kindle:  $4.99 - Paperback $12.84

Jubjub Juice by Neil S Reddy  @thistribe

Best of Collection of short stories previously published works. Includes horror favourite Mr Hedges; weird fiction Jesus Zit, and twisted sci-fi Jubjub Juice and The Greatest Slimming Pill Ever. 

Kindle:  £3.99 - Paperback £9.99 

KINGDOM OF MONSTERS by John Lee Schneider

One year ago, the world ended. Resurrected monsters from the prehistoric past have rampaged across the globe. Now the world is theirs. Remaining humans have been driven high into the mountains, or back to the caves. But now gathered armies of gigantic rage-infected beasts threaten to stamp out the last survivors once and for all. Only one hope remains – a young woman, with a top-secret past, who stands between the human race and extinction. It is the anniversary of the Apocalypse, and humanity's most desperate struggle begins tonight...

Kindle:  $4.99 - Paperback $12.95

KOMODO by John Lee Schneider

In the prehistoric parts of the planet, ancient ecosystems endure – lost worlds dominated by razor-toothed, flesh-eating dragons.

The Komodo monitor – gluttonous, ravenous, cannibalistic – top predator on an isolated cluster of tropical islands.

When the ragged group of castaways stagger ashore, they think they are saved.

Instead they find themselves prey.

Kindle:  $3.99 - Paperback $9.99

Lake Eerie by John Lee Schneider

Piranha infest an American lake

Kindle:  $4.99 - Paperback $9.99

Kable is a practicing Chaos Magic user, a tea shop owner, and about to be embroiled in a murder investigation. Magic, murder, and mayhem--what more can you ask for? 

Masquerade in Chaos: Kable VonSable (Choosing Chaos Book 1)

Kindle:  $Currently FREE  - Paperback $11.11 - Hardback: $22.22 

Menacing Masquerade by Helen G Huntley @helenghuntley1

"Every day they beat him and abused him mercilessly. Every morning they find another soldier dead, his neck broken, and his throat cut on the steps of the palace.
        The invading army starts to realize they have very much underestimated the Ruterians ability to exact revenge. Fear ripples through the ranks of the Frisians as one by one someone among them is killing them off.
        Ivora Palmentola, a spy from the planet Ulmyra, infiltrates their ranks as a Colonel.  She finds him beaten and hurt and takes him under her wing to protect him. She doesn’t know he is the Prince of Ruteria.
        Rue Addinsell calls himself Drack Enthar the same name as the Ruterian God of revenge. He doesn’t know his betrayer is looking for him to kill him, convinced he is the assassin.
        Can they save themselves? Can they save each other? Can they save Ruteria from a future of misery and deprivation under the rule of the Frisians?
        Menacing Masquerade, by Helen G Huntley, is a fast-paced action-packed space opera romance, Book Two in The Onaterian Chronicles series. Menacing Masquerade can be read as a standalone."

Kindle:  $2.99

The Newspaperman by Sal Nudo @NudoSal

Something is deeply off about the new publication in Champaign-Urbana, starting with the oily paper-hawker Seth Kesler dubs the Newspaperman, who hand-sells the C-U Journal for a mere dime on a downtown street corner. Seth’s delight at the paper's revival soon turns to dismay when he sees the bizarre stories printed as fact and mysterious goings-on at the once-esteemed paper’s main office. He makes it his goal to put a stop to the whole shady operation, but an exploitive corporate world gets in the way.

eBook:  .99 cents Paperback:  $4.75 Hardback:  $12.50

Ogre Lake: Nothing to Fear  by Helen G Huntley

1928 Connecticut

Everyone knew not to go to Ogre Lake. Time after time the reports came back of the evil ogre that lived there and what he would do to you. Carina Raison didn’t believe it. She said it was merely propaganda from the owners to keep people from infiltrating their property. It was the perfect place for her to be alone and consider what she wanted to do with herself. No one would bother her. Will she meet the Ogre, or will she find something even more bizarre that no one could possibly contemplate?
        Cawdron Darois a former detective moved to a small town in Connecticut to get away from the crime and craziness of his hometown, New Orleans. He’s content to take jobs finding lost pets and photographing wayward spouses. But to his dismay there is a ghost in house who is adamant at getting his help. In the meantime, he gets pulled into a murder investigation where several wealthy men in the area have been killed, their deaths, initially considered an accident.
        Ogre Lake is a paranormal suspense story that takes place in Connecticut right before the Great Depression. It’s full of suspense, romance, and characters who will make you smile, make you laugh and make you cry.

eBook:  $3.99 - Paperback:  8.99

The Pit by Christian Yarnall

Lauren and Matt are kidnapped and forced to fight to the death to earn their freedom. In between bouts Lauren meets Jaime her only friend in this brutal world.

Kindle:  £1.99 - Paperback £7.99

Realm of the Fallen - Volume 1 A Beginning by Joseph Conrad Sparrow

It begins in 1880 when an evil is freed, abandoned by the Brotherhood of Carmelites which disbanded to leave the Catholic Church to deal with their problem.

eBook:  $9.99 - Paperback:  $20.49

Sacrilege by Barbara Avon  (Author)

After a senseless act of violence brings a small town to their knees, wayward priest Cris Corelli and the woman he loves teeter on the edge of darkness. 


Kindle:  $2.99 - Paperback $10.99 

Slippery When Wet's Classic Fairy Tales of Murder and Mayhem by Linda Vanek 

These retellings of the original disturbing works takes them back to the delectably frightful old school tales they once were before being sanitized by the Brothers Grimm

Kindle:  $2.99 - Paperback $6.99

Starlight Jewel, Gifts of the Auldtree Book One by E.L. Lyons

Divided loyalties, duty, romance, and the twisted hands of fate intertwine in this epic fantasy adventure.

Kindle:  $5.00 - Paperback $14.99 - Hardback $26.99

Sundowners Vampires Are Only Human by Jeffrey V Yorio

Your beloved grandmother is missing with signs of dementia, what would you do?

eBook:  $..99 - Paperback $9.95

WItch's Gamble (The Witches of Vegas 3) by Mark Rosendorf 

"It's been nearly two hundred years since Isis, Zack, and The Witches of Vegas saved New Salem from the Wiccan vampire, Valeria. Now, Isis is a vampire and the most powerful witch in the world. Zack is also a vampire, and the president of New Salem. They thought the threat was long behind them. But Valeria escaped into the past where she set history on a horrific path.
        Now, everything has changed around Isis. New Salem is destroyed, Valeria is queen of Earth, and no one has heard of Zack. To save reality, Isis must travel through time, reliving events from a history she barely recognizes, and find a way to set reality back on course. Not that she has any idea how to do that, or how to avoid the all-powerful Valeria in the process.
        Isis will face challenges she can't possibly overcome, yet she must, or every single life from the past, present, and future is doomed."

Kindle:  $4.99 - Paperback $17.99

The Witches of Vegas by Mark Rosendorf

"Where can Witches and their vampire mentor practice their powers without being discovered or persecuted?
    By using their magic, the Witches of Vegas become the number one act performing on the Las Vegas Strip--a great achievement for them, but not so much for the magicians--who can't possibly keep pace.
    Isis Rivera is the adopted fifteen-year old daughter of The Witches of Vegas. Zack Galloway is the teenage nephew and assistant to the last magician left in the city. Although they should be rivals, when Valeria, a four-hundred-year-old witch with a long-seeded grudge against humanity arrives in Sin-City, both teens act to bring their families together to stop the evil hag in her tracks.
    But can the combined witches' powers and the ingenuity of the magicians be enough to stop Valeria from taking over the city and possibly the world?"

Kindle:  $4.99 - Paperback $15.99

WORLD OF MONSTERS by John Lee Schneider

It is the aftermath of the Apocalypse. In the midst of a monster-infested primeval wilderness, human survivors have settled into a small, isolated Valley, where life has been made possible by one woman. A product of genetic science, Shanna shares an empathic bond with the beasts, and under her influence, the Valley has become a tranquil new Eden. But now a great and powerful serpent stands at the gate.Shanna has long felt his presence, and now his time has come. Within his grasp is the power of total destruction and he means to wipe away the last of humankind forever. Come not between the Dragon and his wrath.

Kindle:  $4.99 - Paperback $1.99