Dating and talking about our relationships to one another is super important.  But you don't always have someone to talk to.  Sometimes only a good podcast can help. 

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360fail @The360failshow

Bringing light to dark topics

After Dark With Super Marcey Podcast @AfterDarkPodNet 

Podcast is hosted by Super Marcey, who talks about a range of topics including adult cinema, relationships, dating and more.

A Shot of Melanin @asom_podcast

Join Michelle as she discusses various topics through a black millennial lens. A shot of melanin is around having black voices telling their stories and on what it’s like being Black In Canada. It’s about having the conversation in the community so that we listen, learn and grow.

aurfellas @aurfellaspod

Two mates just talking and laughing about past experiences and certain picked topics. Different topic each week.

Be Different @bedifferentke

We profile people who have made different choices in their lives

Daily Dose of Love with Tatia @Asktatia

My name is Tatia Bradley DDOL I'm encouraging Self-love through Self-care with Tips for loving yourself Daily! Special Guest Host an so much more ! Self-love is sooooo Underrated, we are here to change the narrative!

The Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks Podcast @DAPFpodcast

The Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Annaleis & Neil C, a married couple living in Napa Valley, California. Topics range wildly from fun discussions about their relationship, travels, pets, daily observations to serious topics like health issues, loss, and everyday struggles.  

Unedited and honest.

Echo of Connections @DeH600Biz

Mother & son discusss life in emergency services with officers, dispatchers, and their families.  We invite mental health and physical practitioners to share their recommendations for dealing with trauma.

The Good The Bad and The Whoreable @BadWhoreable

Uncensored candid conversations about sex, dating, entanglements, and everything in between.

I Have No Idea What I’m Doing @idkpandemicpod

A podcast about navigating grief, figuring out how to handle the pandemic, and trying to cope throughout all of this “new” normal we’re living in right now.

Just Not That Girl @JNTGPODCAST1

Two women talking through everyday challenges with two different opinions. We are with shits and giggles.

The Legend Of You Podcast @Uncleo10438192

Are you tired of just surviving? Join me as I delve into universal principals that I and others have used to unleash the legend within them!

Life Listen Learn And Grow @livingtogrowth

My Live Listen Learn And Grow Podcast will discuss various topics concerning relationships, marriage, home, family, mental health, and much more in correlation to giving Godly and practical advice.


Here you’ll get two hilariously different takes on everything life has to offer. 

Liquor Talk Podcast @RealVJones

A biweekly podcast which discusses black culture, relationships, current events and exclusive interviews.

lovesexfrankie @lovesexfrankie

A hilarious new comedy fiction podcast about being single-ish, the perils of dating, love, sex, and the elusive quest to find "The One"

Love, Sex & Frankie is an original, comedy fiction podcast brought to you by Beautiful Chaos Productions. © Beautiful Chaos Productions. All Rights Reserved.

Making Every Day Count @simplywomen2

A podcast truly focused on your exponential growth. No nonsense, no intellectual jargon, no imaginary news just relatable experience and tips to accompany you in whatever stage on your growth journey. Holisticliving with Kb. Discover & Celebrate your walk to a better version of yourself, the holistic way.  

The Manic Pixie Weirdo Podcast @MPWeirdoPodcast

Welcome to the Manic Pixie Weirdo where we talk about all the different kinds of relationships we can have in our lives. From Avengers Endgame to Mental Health and everything in between we discuss the wacky, weird and sometimes hard relationships we have in our life. Join us every Saturday for a new episode! 

Multispective @Multispective_

Multispective is a show where we interview people from different backgrounds about their life experiences, trials, tribulations and healing process, with a purpose of bringing tiny changes in perspective.

My Truth 4 Real @mytruth4real

Speaking on topics that reflect my life that others can relate to.

No Stupid Answers @NOSA_Podcast

A doctor of philosophy, a recovering archeologist, a professional engineer, and a corporate millennial discuss and answer Reddit’s most interesting questions. 

The PBP @thepbppod

Your stereotypical millennial besties, looking for answers to life’s most important questions and giving you their unsolicited opinions, point.  blank.period!

The “professional” Slackers Podcast @proslackerspod

Two long time bros broing out

Real Talk with Tim @RTWTPodcast

My Podcast Is about Love,Life,Relationships,Reactions & Interviews so connect with me by clicking the LINK IN THE BIO

Ridiculous Romance @ridicromance

Married comedians Eli & Diana tell the strangest & wildest true love stories in history!

Rum & Romance @RumnRomance

3 Caribbean girls who talk about the complexities of military relationships, navigating cultural differences, stereotypes, career, identity and so much more.

self.spirit @rakhish1008

Motivational podcast

SideTalks Podcast @SideTalksPod

SideTalks Pod  is an audio-visual podcast that focuses on discussions pertaining everything Law, Vibes and In-between. It aims at discussing real issues pertaining the Law, Entertainment, sports, career, religion, Sex, relationships, culture lifestyle, everything and anything in-between.

S.T.O.The Smokers Lounge @SmokerSto

The Smoker's Lounge is the Safe For The World Of Sex Work. From Porn stars to Onlyfans Girls ,we discuss the real of the business. 100% Real and 100% Honest. Come Smoke This Ova

Sugar On The Rim Podcast @Sotr_podcast

A podcast about all walks of life

The Sweet & Sour Nuggiez Podcast @ssnuggiezpod

For all things mental health listen to the Sweet & Sour Nuggiez Podcast. Sharing my mental health journey, or discussing yours. Sharing tips, tricks and information on dealing with and handling different mental health situations.

They Call Me Mista Yu @callmemistayu

Our show is a spiritual and personal development pod where we offer support and mentoring for those never mentored. We use scriptures, people skill books, and poignant stories to help the every man win their day. We might make you laugh and cry but we'll definitely make you think. We're your weekly mirror check before you go change the world!

Thoughts for SAL @thoughtsforsal

Join host Chris Wszalek as he shares his thoughts, opinions, and experiences of being a girl dad, raising three little girls, Sophie, Ava, and Leah (SAL).

Two Women Chatting @ChattingTwo

Join Liz & Michelle on the sofa chatting about the ups & downs of empty nesting midlife with celebrity guests and experts!

The Urban Raw Premium Podcast  @theurbanraw

Series about fresh urban news and people stories with emotional influences. The podcast that talks the walk.

Vibe Time podcast @vibetimepod1

The Vibe Time podcast with Maik and Clara is a show in which we talk about a lot of exciting things about life itself.

Wine Chats Podcast @WineChatsPod

Wine Chats is an offensively funny podcast about drinking wine and chatting life.

Wura Radio @wuraradio

It's a podcast that gives a radio like feeling with her box of programmes ranging from relationship to fashion to trendy gist to music and movie review.

Youth Digest @Youth_Digest

As the name implies, We produce contents, episodes that would help youths to be a better version of their self..

Physically , Spiritually, Academically , Socially and Psychologically....

The Yummy & Fearless Podcast w/ The Side-chicks @yummyfearless

A comedic relationship, current events, feminist, weekly podcast about navigating middle-aged life w/ a focus on living fearlessly.