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Absolute Empowerment @corpman46

To absolutely empower those to take accountability of their life. To instill courage, strength, and fight!!!

Arthadian Anthologies @msarthadian

Explore an EPIC anthology exploring a New Expanding Universe! With multiple, interwoven sagas and series that piece together a massive narrative spanning time and space! 

Mythology Lore

The Asian Tapestry @AsianTapestry1

A podcast about myths, legends and lore from Asia. Join me on a journey across blazing deserts and snowy mountains, lush forests and roaring rivers as we dive into the Book of Fables and immerse ourselves in the magic of Asia. Welcome…to the Asian Tapestry.

A Cry in the Moon's Light @AlanMcGill14

Fiction Drama, Horror Romance. A young woman must travel through a dark forest in the late 1700's of eastern Europe. She is followed by a mysterious beast and a deadly wolf pack is trying to kill her. It is a tale of werewolves, mystery and romance.

Dinner At Yiffany's @dinneratyiffany

Adult Furry Fiction and Erotica Stories

Facts, Tall tales and all things in-between @Randomstuff369

"I drink whiskey and read public domain stories"

Gallery of Curiosities @GalleryCurious

Short fiction curated for the retropunk palate

Haunted Tales @hauntedtalespod

Weekly horror fiction podcast, featuring a variety of different stories from monsters to murder to madness!

Mythology Lore

Legendary Africa @Legendarypod1

"Welcome to Legendary Africa! Your gateway into the mythical, magical and legendary world of the African continent. Join Theshira as she encounters dragons, witches, fairies and magicians, listens to stories about demigods, boy heroes and dragon-slaying princesses, runs from ogres, ghosts, vampires and werehyenas, and goes searching for Egyptian treasure! Brought to you by fur-writers, Hestia the Dawg and Athena the Doggo, of the award-winning Canine Creative & Co."

The Liminal Lands @theliminallands

Found tape style audio drama about a man who has woken to found himself lost in another world, seeking to find a way home to his family.

Once Upon a Daydream @dreamstorypod

Welcome, dear listeners, to Once Upon a Daydream, the podcast designed to help you wind down for the night. On this podcast, I will be reading public domain books belonging to various genres. Although the pod is intended to send you off to a gentle sleep, it will also contain adventurous and fun books, and even books of mystery! The whole point is that you enjoy what you are listening to and hopefully that helps you relax for the night. I hope the wide range of books (soon!) available means there’s something for everyone to enjoy, no matter the age. Happy listening and have a restful sleep.

Ratchet Book Club @RatchetBookClub

Welcome to Ratchet Book Club, where I read hood classics and good classics. 

Sandman Stories Presents @StoriesSandman

World music, a bed of calming sounds, and folklore that you might not have heard. 

Sleepy Time Tales @sleepytimetales

Every week I read a story to listeners that will bore them to sleep.

Telling Tales @tellingtalespod

A fable/folklore short story podcast bringing classic short stories to a modern audience.