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911 Podcasts @911_podcasts

#Cascadia follows Declan Walters and crew to the deepest point of the ocean...when all hell breaks loose. An immersive thriller. Listen now, link in the bio.

Read our in-depth interview with Adam Murciano and his podcast "Cascadia".

Absolute Empowerment @corpman46

To absolutely empower those to take accountability of their life. To instill courage, strength, and fight!!!

A Cry in the Moon's Light @AlanMcGill14

Fiction Drama, Horror Romance. A young woman must travel through a dark forest in the late 1700's of eastern Europe. She is followed by a mysterious beast and a deadly wolf pack is trying to kill her. It is a tale of werewolves, mystery and romance.

A Podcast of AI-written Stories Read by Humans @UncannyRobot

Surreal AI-written stories read by humans. Hosted by Bram Stoker Award-nominated author Thersa Matsuura and Sound Editor Rich Pav.

Mythology Lore

The Asian Tapestry @AsianTapestry1

A podcast about myths, legends and lore from Asia. Join me on a journey across blazing deserts and snowy mountains, lush forests and roaring rivers as we dive into the Book of Fables and immerse ourselves in the magic of Asia. Welcome…to the Asian Tapestry.

The Book of Constellations @bookofcon

Down-to-Earth sci-fi about the sole survivor of an alien race who has come to Earth to fight the same evil that took his world.

Bounty Hunters: Hunters of the Supernatural

Audio drama about Supernatural Bounty Hunters. Gus, Jo and Jimi chase supernatural creatures.

Care & Feeding of Werewolves @CareWerewolves

When her grandmother disappears without a trace, Hazel Thornton drops out of her medical residency program to look for her and take over the family clinic for supernatural beings only to find more people are going missing. She takes it upon herself to warn and educate the community, search for the lost, and manage a full patient load all while keeping the paranormal world a secret safe from humans.

ChillinglyBizarre @ChillinglyB

Chillingly Bizarre is a scripted horror podcast based on horror short stories with a strange twist; written be Jeydie W.

Countries That Don't Exist Anymore @ctdeapod

Historical entertainment show about countries lost to the mists of time, featuring sketches, songs and special guests.

The Criminal Satirist @crimesatirist

True crime podcast that takes brief outlooks on cases both old and new. Using satire and facts to bring victims a voice, and make criminals and the criminal justice system accountable.

Delivery @deliverypod13

A series of recollections from an old acquaintance lead two sleuths down a harrowing rabbit hole.

Double Deal - True Stories of Criminals, Crimes, and Lies @DoubleDealPod

A Serial about Mobsters in Mid-Century New England

Echoes (In) Between @Echoesbetween

A metaphysical audio drama about exploring what echoes in between our memories of the past.

Forge of Lore @forgeoflore1

We're a bunch of nerds that like telling interesting stories by playing D&D! Our first campaign is called Skald. It's a Viking-style culture living on an original world called Thoren, which is littered with defunct technological artifacts from a culture long-gone. It's fantasy meets sci-fi!

Greybeard's Jewels A Step Into...The Unknown @GreybeardsTale

Join us for a Step Into The Unknown….Everything from urban legends, cryptids, paranormal encounters, and scary stories from around the world to delving into topics such as paganism, Celtic lore, mythologies, ancient civilizations and anything thing else that piques our curiosity in between Be sure to check us out on YouTube as well here's the link for you:

The Grove @RoarLondon

Life at the world's coolest, biggest, wealthiest tech company is not as it seems. In the atrium of ornamental trees ancient, mythical forces are waking that will change a young developer's destiny.

Haunted Tales @hauntedtalespod

Weekly horror fiction podcast, featuring a variety of different stories from monsters to murder to madness!

Jupiter 5 Stories @Jupiter5Stories

Sci-fi | Pulp | Retro | Short Stories | Join Ali Hill on an intergalactic trip through the annals of classic sci-fi as short stories from the pulp and golden age of science fiction are brought to life! Featuring a healthy dose of alien encounters, space induced paranoia and plot twists… strap in and blast off to the eerie surface of Jupiter V!

Mythology Lore

Legendary Africa @Legendarypod1

"Welcome to Legendary Africa! Your gateway into the mythical, magical and legendary world of the African continent. Join Theshira as she encounters dragons, witches, fairies and magicians, listens to stories about demigods, boy heroes and dragon-slaying princesses, runs from ogres, ghosts, vampires and werehyenas, and goes searching for Egyptian treasure! Brought to you by fur-writers, Hestia the Dawg and Athena the Doggo, of the award-winning Canine Creative & Co."

Live from Epsilon Base @epsilonbase

Regular updates from Epsilon Base, on a moon, on the other side of the Milky Way. Brought to you by Lucius G. Wallace. It's a sci-fi, cyberpunk-type podcast.

Folk Horror

The Love Talker @LoveTalkerPod

Somewhere on the borders between Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee in the most remote parts of the Appalachians, girls have gone missing for decades. When a young woman journeys there to the isolated community of Kilruane, she uncovers the truth about the mysterious man who wanders the woods and his connection to the missing women and puts herself in danger from those who want to protect the town and keep its secrets.

Malevolent @MalevolentCast

Arkham Private Investigator Arthur Lester wakes up with no memory of who he is or what has happened, only a nameless, eerie voice guiding him through the darkness. Blind, terrified, and confused, his journey will lead him towards a series of mysteries in the hopes of understanding the truth of what has transpired. As cosmic horrors seep into the world around, Arthur must ask himself whether this entity truly seeks to help him, or are its intentions more…Malevolent

MandibleJudy @glomag

Not your typical bi-weekly horror, scifi, telepathic frogs audio drama, Mandible Judy also features a synth-wielding geneticist and strangely sonorous rocks from space. We combine top-notch voice acting by veterans of the world of audio fiction with rich, evocative sound design and a dark, original score of brooding synthesizers and surreal soundscapes. To round out your mutated-children and marsh-dwelling-critter experience, Under Dead Water expands on the universe of Mandible Judy with new stories centered around a lake in New Hampshire. Our weekly twitch stream features discussion with the cast and crew as well as guest composers, voice actors and writers from the film, TV and podcasting worlds.

Marty is not your average teenager.. hes not popular or the captain of the football team.. Marty has an obession with the unknown.

Our story beings ... 241.42 million from Earth.. on a well known but at the same time unknown planet called Mars.


Messages Podcast @MessagesPodcast

MESSAGES is a fiction podcast about a man, an unusual house, and the strange story surrounding both. Messages is an exploration of memory, perception, communication, history, and other unreliable things. What is fiction?

Mindstream Players @MindstreamAudio

Original fiction audio podcasts or new versions of classic radio shows in many genres.

Neon Shadows A Noir Tale (Audio Drama) @NeonShadowsPod

Murder! Mystery! Tragedy! Private investigator Frank Dixon solves the dark secrets of a city in turmoil! An easy going war vet and gumshoe has his life turned upside down when a simple case sets fantastic events into motion.

Omega Star 7 @OmegaStar7_Pod
In a galaxy known as the ”Sometime, Somewhere” sits a cluster of wild stars known as Omega Star 7. These are the tales of the crews who dare to call this place home.
Sardonic, self aware, and a little bit silly. Omega Star 7 is what you‘d have if a famed science fiction satirist set out to write Dune, and ended up with Star Wars. Inspired by Westerns, Pulpy Science Fiction B-Movies, and Space Operas this show has a little for everyone. Whether it‘s the improvised dialogue, ”No-Earth” setting akin to Fantasy, or the Soundtrack filled with Synths and Sludgy Desert Rock. Surely you can find something to love, or hate, about Omega Star 7.
Content Contains Language and Scenarios not always appropriate for children.

Once Upon a Daydream @dreamstorypod

Welcome, dear listeners, to Once Upon a Daydream, the podcast designed to help you wind down for the night. On this podcast, I will be reading public domain books belonging to various genres. Although the pod is intended to send you off to a gentle sleep, it will also contain adventurous and fun books, and even books of mystery! The whole point is that you enjoy what you are listening to and hopefully that helps you relax for the night. I hope the wide range of books (soon!) available means there’s something for everyone to enjoy, no matter the age. Happy listening and have a restful sleep.

Passed @PassedPod

The podcast for those who would never rule A podcast covering the almost kings and queens is history.

Purusha: A Sonic Adventure @Purushapodcast

When the space agency ‘Quietland’ detects a mysterious sound coming from beyond our galaxy, four trained musicians are sent in search of the source of this frequency. They don’t know its cause or origin, only that it responds their music. On their journey they are expected to compose and broadcast new work in order to provoke a response from the mysterious melody. Their journey aboard the Purusha will take them decades away from Earth as they are bound for the Philharmonic Space Station to complete their research.
What will the astronauts discover as they give up their eyes and go searching with their ears and hearts?

Purusha is a ten part radio drama written by Michael Ramus, featuring original composition by Alex and Robbie Blencowe releasing on Thursdays

The R-N-R Hour Podcast @NHourtm

Fictional storytelling that provides adventure, stimulation of your imagination, and insight into the complexity of the human condition. The R-N-R Hour is a biweekly podcast that delivers a series of stories for your entertainment.

Shark Files Podcast @SharkFilesPod

Shark Files is a podcast that tells the true stories of when shark and human lives collide. With tales of shipwrecks, murder allegations, overcoming PTSD, and much more, Season 1 takes you through history and around the globe, diving deep into some of the most incredible aquatic events ever recorded.

Starlight Phineas @StarlightPhin

Space Audio Drama currently in production. Captain Johnny Silver and his crew are going through time to rescue missing people.

Story Time Capsule @strytimecapsule

"Storytelling is an important way of connecting to one another across the bridges that divide us. Story Time Capsule is an audio archive and podcast where everyone is invited to to share a story from their life that they want to be carried on into the future. Each storyteller will present their story in exactly the way the feel it should be expressed - conversationally, through creative writing or even through a recipe."

Tell Me A Story: The True Life Of Jakob Stanley @InappropriateF

In October of 2011, 4 college students disappeared in the woods near Porter Township, Pennsylvania while researching a documentary on children’s author Jakob Stanley. They remain missing to this day. Recently, their recordings appeared online. In an effort to aid in the investigation, the families of those missing have agreed to release the recovered sound files. "Tell me a story: The True Life of Jakob Stanley" is a serialized found-footage biweekly podcast.

That Love Podcast @ThatLovePod

A romance fiction Audio Drama Podcast

Under the Electric Stars @utes_podcast

Under the Electric Stars is a cyberpunk audio fiction from Aster Podcasting Network. Metropolis West is one of the last cities standing after a nuclear war. Caine Reyes, the fastest driver in the Metropolis, has been trying to pay back the debt their family fell into years ago. After their bot gets broken, Caine runs into the rebel group Zero Zero and gets caught up in the rising revolution.

Unnamed Occult Radio Show @OccultRadioShow

An after-dark pirate radio show discussing the strange, unusual, and occult hosted by a man equally as enigmatic as the show's title and set to the comforting tones of turn-of-the-century jazz.

Untrue Stories @untrue_stories

Surreal sci-fi comedy-drama serial in which George Orwell and H. G. Wells argue about tea, go on time travel adventures, and overthrow western democracy

Val Toby: Private Investigator

Val Toby is private investigator who solves different cases. Created and produced by

Zed1Pod @Zed1Pod

Zed 1 is a Rom Zom Com podcast following a Couple trying to survive the Apocalypse & their Marriage one Ep at a time