Dr. Man, Author

I'm Dr.Man, and my character Pete Jackson private detective has tackled every kind of case you can imagine, everything from child abuse, crimes against women, even going into a little espionage. All this to save his family and community. My books are easy to read and can be read in one sitting and the action's non stop and popping. So you should read what I call the best of Dr. Man, and these books all tie together

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Author Overlord Sat down with Dr. Man to talk about becoming an author

Author Overlord: Please tell me a little about how you became a writer.

Dr. Man: when I was in grade school, instead of sports, I took an early interest in writing, starting with poetry and coming up with my own characters in creative writing class.

AO: What makes your detective series unique?

DM: All of the characters in the Pete Jackson series are people that've been thrown away by society, or worst yet their own families!"

AO: How long have you been writing? And have you been able to make a living of it?

DM: All together, about twenty years; I've done stage plays in my local auditorium, it was a lot of work, headaches but they turned out good, as far as making a living of it, I'm afraid not.

AO: Tell us about a memorable moment that inspired a scene/chapter/entire book.

DM: I really can't because I keep my eyes and ears open all the time, suddenly I run across somebody I knew back in the day running wild, now they're doing something meaningful. Most of the characters in my books fall in that category.

AO: What/Who are your influences?

DM: Anybody that could write a good mystery from Arthur Conan Doyle, to Mickey Spillane, I love a good mystery or an even better detective!

AO: What struggles have you found when trying to advertise your book? [Have you gone to conventions, done other interviews, book signings/readings, etc?]

DM: The best way for any author to be noticed is by advertisement, and that's still doesn't mean that you're going to get a huge book deal; you can put your book out there and it still won't sell, or it might and still no publisher will call; a lot of good writers have gone to their graves leaving behind beautiful works; all I can say is, if you know your writings good, keep swinging!

AO: That's good advice. Personally I think the top reason most writers fail today is just giving up. Success comes from perseverance. What good/bad/ridiculous feedback have you received that particularly sticks out in your mind?

DM: A close friend of mine tore my work to pieces, told me I need to copy the style from other authors; I can take the opinions of a critic; then she wanted to send her more books...You can't copy nobody's style, you have to do it your way!

AO: Exactly. Be yourself. What happened in your life that transformed you from a reader to an author?

DM: This character Pete Jackson has been in my head for years; we need a hero to read about dealing with reality, somebody who could get the job done, with a little help.

AO: Pete Jackson sounds like the guy we need. Final thoughts?

DM: If you crave a good crime mixed in with a lot of mystery, hitch your wagon to Pete Jackson private detective!

AO: Sounds great. Thanks Dr. Man. You can pick up the Pete Jackson Private Detective books below direct from Amazon. All come in eBook format, and most in paperback. Enjoy!

A Family In Trouble: Pete Jackson Private Detective by Dr. Man (Author)

Revenge for the death of Fabian throws Jackson and his entire family into the most dangerous case they've ever faced. A must read for anyone that craves pure nonstop action!

Kindle: $2.50 - Paperback: $8

The Choosey Killer: Pete Jackson Private Detective by Dr. Man (Author)

A virus has found it's way into Jackson's community, and with a little help from his friends, they must stop it!

Kindle: $6.99 - Paperback: $36.99

DEATH WEARS SNEAKERS: Pete Jackson Private Detective by Dr. Man (Author)

Jackson finds out that a bounty has been put on his life, while the lives of his family again hang in the balance. A case with a surprising ending!

Kindle: $2 - Paperback: $8

THE FEMININE WAY: Pete Jackson private Detective by Dr. Man (Author)

Jackson has been seriously wounded and is nearly killed; but during his time of healing he discovers the powers of the talented ladies in his family; definitely a good and powerful read

Kindle: $2.36 - Paperback: $9.51

Hearing A Child Cry: Pete Jackson Private Detective by Dr. Man (Author)

Jackson and his family find themselves thrown into the world of child sex slaves.

A case that brings them closer together more than ever!

Kindle: $2 - Paperback: $7.50

Honeymoon Murders : Pete Jackson private detective by Dr. Man

Well it finally happened, Jackson and Phyllis got married; but crime and murder is waiting for them on their destination; read on to see how Pete and his new bride get caught up in a little island madness!

Kindle: $1.50


Gang violence seems to be out of control as Jackson finds himself getting involved with a young orphaned boy who's trying his best leave the gang; only the leader of the group won't allow it; a heart tugging case that's definitely a must read!

Kindle: $2 - Paperback: $8

ONE STEP TOO FAR: Pete Jackson Private Detective by Dr. Man (Author)

Once again Jackson finds himself caught up in a fast moving case when he's forced into the world of espionage to save the life of a special member of his family which means lies and deception are the main ingredient!

Kindle: $2 - Paperback: $8

Revenge Of The Deacons Three: Pete Jackson Private Detective by Dr. Man (Author)

During his case that took him to Bosnia, Jackson witnessed three unknown men that saved him and his contact butts from certain death, but he finds out these men are closer than he would like!

Kindle: $2 - Paperback: $8

SAVING THE BIG EAGLE: Pete Jackson private detective by Dr. Man

The President of the United States is the center of a kidnapping plot to overtake the country; but during all the confusion, he gets a tip about Jackson and his detective services; let your mind witness how Pete along with his family put a serious end to high treason along with the murder of a close friend!

Kindle: $2.99 - Paperback: $4

THE SINISTER SICKNESS Pete Jackson private detective by Dr. Man

The legend of Jackson continues in this case pure greed between sisters, definitely a must read!

Kindle: $2 - Paperback: $8


Rev's deacons were trying their best to help a situation, but find themselves caught in an accidental murder that causes Jackson and his family to find out something almost frightening about the trio, a must read.

Kindle: $2 - Paperback: $8

THE TRIGGER: Pete Jackson private detective by Dr. Man (Author)

Did you ever think Pete Jackson would be a fugitive and can't be found?"

This is one case you can't miss!"

Kindle: $2 - Paperback: $8

THE UNPAID DEBT Pete Jackson private detective by Dr. Man

A debt collector will hound you past the grave as Jackson and his family find themselves picking up where THE SINISTER SICKNESS ends

Kindle: $2 - Paperback: $8