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The Ghost of Manor Ren by Helen G Huntley @helenghuntley1

Its 1945 and the old manor house has been empty for a hundred years reportedly haunted by the two brothers who lived there. When Loren is brought there by her new husband she finds there is more to the story about the brothers than any one would ever have imagined.

eBook: $2.99

The Monster of Arden by Helen G Huntley @helenghuntley1

"The small town of Arden, Massachusetts has been put under a spell by a four-hundred-year-old warlock masquerading as a preacher who calls himself Levi.
With an appetite for handsome young men, he has made his latest prey the most powerful man in Arden.
After a horrible double murder and one young girl left half insane, the people of the town are riled up into a frenzy and burn the house of an innocent family with them in it.
Levi doesn’t know the family is not dead.
Immediately, everything begins to go awry. There are multiple sorcerers opposing him. Who are they? Where did they come from?
Ten years later, the young man he thought they had killed that fateful night, returns as the police chief of Arden, bent on revenge. He will use justice agents, the police force and his sorcerer connections to bring Levi and his criminal lover to justice.
In the meantime, Levi can sense somewhere, one of his warlock brothers is near, having hunted him for hundreds of years to destroy him. Levi doesn’t know where he is or who he is.
The Monster of Arden, is a gripping paranormal suspense with a sweet romance and a happy ending."

Kindle: $2.99

Overhauled by Kayla Kimmell @Kimmell_Kayla

A clueless wrench bunny takes off on the ride of her life blissfully unaware of who or what she is. Things only get more interesting when she picks up a fancy pair of fangs along the way. What does life in the fast lane have in store for these two?

Kindle: $4.99 Paperback: $15.99 Hardback: $25.99

The Starlight Chronicles, Ursus Borealis: Book One by D. L. Lewellyn

This is part one of a three part saga set in the beautiful counties of Northern California. But it’s not just humans that traverse the pine-scented trails. Experience how one ordinary woman discovers a hidden world of extraordinary beings, including some who don’t want her there. Thankfully, Selena has her magus and her bear.

Kindle: $1.99 - Paperback $11.99 - Hardback $18.99