For some of us, comic books are life.  However, there are so many of them, it's hard to keep up. Consider following podcasts below and build up your in depth comic knowledge..

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Bird in the Hand Podcast co-hosted by Kelsey Sheldon and Sarah Greene @BirdintheHand_

Two book lovers who talk about different genres of books, questions, life and share lots of laughter. 

Launched March 9th

Black Hammer Club @blackhammerpod

Join Me Mike a long time fan of comic books. As i journey into the amazing world of Black Hammer comic series.

Elton Reads A Book A Week  @Eltonreadsalot

A dark humor comedy writer shares a book he's read; foul mouthed hijinks ensue.

The Forgotten Archive @ForgottenArchiv

The Forgotten Archive tells the stories of some of the most unique, most controversial, and most bizarre books ever created. Along the way, we will dive into topics including books bound in human skin and the history of magic words.

Girls Go Books Deep @gg_booksdeep

Janae & Amanda are 2 childhood besties who love to talk about Fantasy/SciFi TV-shows & Movies based on books & comics.

Hogwarts: A Podcast @HogwartsAPod

Dan & friends re-read the Harry Potter series and discuss each chapter with non-spoiler and spoiler segments, making sure that everyone can join the conversation!

Is It Better Than The Book!? @BTTBook

Married couple Kieran and Tilly read a book and watch it's movie adaptation, then sit down to discuss which did it better, and ask the question...

Is It Better Than The Book!?

The King Zone Podcast @SM_SuperNetwork 

Hosted by Super Marcey and Bede Jermyn with Book Club episodes hosted by Super Marcey and Steven T Boltz, the main show takes a deep dive into the adaptations of Stephen King and the Book Club is a deep dive into the written works of Stephen King

Logan So8nds Off @logansoundsoff

My name is Logan, from Ireland and I am 11 years old. On my podcast I share interviews with musicians, DJs and more aswell as sharing album & book reviews.

Look in the Couch Cushions @incouchcushions

A rambling podcast about TV, Movies, Video Games, Youtu- Basically if you can do it on a couch then it gets talked about here.

Look Ma, No Script! @NoScriptPod

Aaron and Jimmy journey through space and time to provide you with non-serialized, improvised pulp adventures!

Nerds of the Old Republic Podcast @nerdsofoldrepub

We are a SFF podcast for the drinking man. In each episode we discuss a different book or film from the wide world of nerdom, and pair it with a unique cocktail.

Once Upon a Daydream @dreamstorypod

Welcome, dear listeners, to Once Upon a Daydream, the podcast designed to help you wind down for the night. On this podcast, I will be reading public domain books belonging to various genres. Although the pod is intended to send you off to a gentle sleep, it will also contain adventurous and fun books, and even books of mystery! The whole point is that you enjoy what you are listening to and hopefully that helps you relax for the night. I hope the wide range of books (soon!) available means there’s something for everyone to enjoy, no matter the age. Happy listening and have a restful sleep.

PodOfSurprise @PodSurprise

The Podcast Of Surprise is a Witcher Book Club & Podcast celebrating that wonderful Witcherverse created by Andrzej Sapkowski and Netflix!

The PPS Club Podcast @theppsclubpod

Writing as art, writing as a business, and the secret life of writerpreneurs.

Sandman Stories Presents @StoriesSandman

World music, a bed of calming sounds, and folklore that you might not have heard. 

True Believers PoDCast @truebelieversp

Two comic book enthusiasts meet weekly to discuss comic book characters events, and movies. 

The Well Seasoned Librarian @WellLibrarian

A conversation with food writers and food producers about thier work and lives.

Words About Books @wabpod

Two wannabe writers read books and discuss what works and what doesn't from a storytelling perspective.