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Are you an podcast in need of promotion? We've got you covered there as well. Click here to discover all of the ways we can help you get your book exposed to new readers.

Featured Pods

Astronomica Podcast @AstronomicaPod

Astronomica is a science fiction actual play podcast using the Stars Without Number OSR system. Join Star Master Stan and regular players Colin, Cullen, Geoff, and Kristen as they crew the definitely-not-piloted-by-a-rogue-AI ship The Admiral Grace. From encounters with magnificent space whales to swashbuckling adventures across the galaxy, there is nothing this crew can't make way more complicated than it needs to be.

Cocaine Cougars: An ESPN Playmakers Podcast @ReturnToOswald

Welcome to Cocaine Cougars, the podcast about the one-season wonder, ESPN's Playmakers. We go through each episode and examine them with scathing wit and humor. Check us out. We are pretty sure you will join the team.

The Dark and Cringy Podcast @darkandcringy

The Dark and Cringy Podcast covers topics such as true crime, cults, cons, corporate shenanigans and the supernatural. Basically, any cringeworthy true story.

Digital Dissection Podcast @DigitalDissect1

Pop Culture Nerds tackling our favorite properties. #VideoGames #MovieReviews #TV #Interviews #Retro (Mon/Wed Weekly)

Take a deep dive with us! Explore some of your favorite movie, TV, and Videogame properties from the 80s, 90s, and 00s. We're joined by friends, celebrities, and creators!

Fave Five From Fans Podcast @Fave5FromFans

From the creepy swamps deep in the heart of Cajun country comes FAVE FIVE FROM FANS, a Podcast where I invite a friend to create a list of 5 of their favorite things that we have a shared interest in, be it movies, books, TV, toys, or whatever. We then sit down across from each other to compare & contrast, dissect & disseminate our choices for the Podcast Universe . We start off with Honorable Mentions, those selections that didn’t quite make the Fave FIVE, for good reason OR bad, and then we’ll take turns unveiling our choices backward from 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. You’ll hear us discussing everything from Alien Invasions to Zombie Attacks, ROM the Spaceknight to Musical Numbers, Edgar Allen Poe to Stephen King, Star Trek to Star Wars. And remember, it might not be the best, it might not be the most popular, but if it’s your favorite, then it’s good enough for us!

Label Free Podcast @LabelPodcast "To live your best life, you must live Label free!"

Deanna Marie Kuempel presents; Label Free Podcast. At Label Free, we want our listeners to feel inspired, uplifted, and courageous. On this podcast we’ll discuss how we, as individuals, can break free from the labels that society puts on us, both personally and professionally. Join me for candid interviews with entrepreneurs, artists, health & wellness experts, executives, humanitarians, and more, as they share their personal and professional journeys, while they share wisdom they’ve learned along the way.

Producer: Julie Greene-Bryant - Multi-Media Mgr: Warren Brewer

No Stupid Answers @NOSA_Podcast

A doctor of philosophy, a recovering archeologist, a professional engineer, and a corporate millennial discuss and answer Reddit’s most interesting questions.

Piecing It Together Podcast @PiecingPod

A podcast about new movies and the movies that inspired them. Hosted by @bydavidrosen on the All Points West Network. Available on all major podcast apps.

Read our Interview with David Rosen

Ratchet Book Club @RatchetBookClub

Welcome to Ratchet Book Club, where I read hood classics and good classics.

ShayneAndI @ShayneAndIShow

A Bi Weekly ish Podcast a grab bag of topics and discussions. Its a show about nothing that makes you think of something you never know what you'll get!

Starfleet Leadership Academy @SFLApodcast

“The Starfleet Leadership Academy: Leadership development through the lens of Star Trek.”

A leadership development podcast told through the lens of Star Trek. Hosted by @jefftakin. Listen and subscribe: @startuprad_io

Interviews and news from startups in Europe's largest economy

German, Swiss and Austrian (GSA) Startups in English | Global Top 75 Science, Top 125 Tech & Top 400 Business Podcast | Subscribe