Lon Varnadore, Author

Always been a fan of science fiction and fantasy. Been writing it for years and will until I am have been lowered into the ground. My first novel, "Mostly Human," has been in my head and on paper for years. There are more stories of 4Pollack and working on the next one as fast as I can. I have also written the “Junker Blues” series, and working on the “Starlight Saga.” Also, I have spread my areas into urban fantasy noir with "Dead Man: Janus City Chronicle,” high fantasy with “Guild Adventures of Morlain,” and gaslamp fantasy with “The Maester’s Ring.” And now, I must go back to my scribblings.

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Chain of Starlight by Lon E. Varnadore

She once called them family. When they turn against her, is there any corner of space dark enough to hide from their vengeance?Jonica Desoll is sick of the bloodshed. With her planet-hopping pirate companions growing increasingly violent, the determined woman gambles her life and listens to the strange voice in her head urging her to flee. But her bid for freedom comes with no guarantee of success when she steals her captain’s favorite ship…Pursued across the galaxy by her former crew, Jonica takes a risky job to earn money for the resources she needs to get away for good. But even teamed up with the psychic cat-shaped creature who first encouraged her to run, dodging the host of bounty hunters, revenge-seekers, and alien agents after them may make survival a near-impossible mission.Can Jonica zero in on her target before she’s killed by the hunt?Chain of Starlight is the rollicking first book in the Starlight science fiction series. If you like tenacious heroines, desperate bets, and page-turning intrigue, then you’ll love Lon E. Varnadore’s extraterrestrial adventure.Buy Chain of Starlight to wager on interstellar stakes today!

Kindle: $0.99 - Paperback: $ 9.99

Dead Man: Janus City Chronicles by Lon E. Varnadore

John Gallic is a Dead Man, a fixer for the citizens of Janus City. A bloody thumb print on a vellum contract and John is bound to complete the job. No matter what. In Janus City, anything is possible.

(These are the the first 13 episodes of the Vella series of the same name, collected in one volume.)

Kindle: $0.99 - Paperback: $ 10.86

Guild Adventure of Morlain: Awakening by Lon E. Varnadore

Morlain is a young adventurer, part of a Guild Squad of the world of Sydel. Armed with a overly righteous sword, his know-it-all half-sister, his best friend, Kain and Selph the mysterious priestess of the Goddess, they go around helping people, exploring crypts, tombs, and defeating evil monsters run amok in the world of Sydel.

(These are the first 11 episodes of the Vella series of the same name.)

Kindle: $0.99 - Paperback: $ 18.17

Ironmongers by Lon E. Varnadore

Tosh, former member of House du’Val, having left Mars to find his fortune elsewhere finds himself in a bind. He turns to the one person whom he hates more than his own father. Renard, an arms dealer and as well as a dealer in replicatants and the ironmongers. These robotic soldiers are the one thing that could help Tosh out of his own bind, yet he has to survive the meeting with Renard, and the aftermath of it first.

Kindle: $2.99

Shield of Starlight: Starlight Saga (A space opera adventure) by Lon E. Varnadore

With the stealth job done, and Poveglia behind her, Jonica is off on a new mission; survival. Lurching from one mishap to the next, Jonica and Meph find themselves running out of patience, food, and credits. Until she's contacted by Mer'thak, and given a job to help The Blood Empire.

What can she do but take the job? Follow the continuing rollicking space opera adventure of Starlight Saga with: Shield of Starlight.

Kindle: $0.99 - Paperback: $ 23.39

The Torque: The Mæster's Ring Book One by Lon E. Varnadore

When Nicodemus Wrenfield thought he’d lose his wife to illness, he turned from his position as head surgeon of the Royal Academy, and delve into the Dark Arts to save her.

When Richard Wrenfield almost lost his arm to morphine addiction, he knew he had to turn from the medical field, and the one connection he had with his father, to pursue other interests.

Will they compromise? Will they be able to find the Maester’s Ring and understand its secrets? Or will it be too late, not only for Alia Wrenfield, but for all of Hwitloc?

Kindle: $2.99