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The Ugly Game @UglyGamePod

A brand new football podcast covering the dark side of the world’s most popular sport, from ritualistic killings committed by a popular local player, to highly publicised instances of murder and betrayal.

Under the Electric Stars @utes_podcast

Under the Electric Stars is a cyberpunk audio fiction from Aster Podcasting Network. Metropolis West is one of the last cities standing after a nuclear war. Caine Reyes, the fastest driver in the Metropolis, has been trying to pay back the debt their family fell into years ago. After their bot gets broken, Caine runs into the rebel group Zero Zero and gets caught up in the rising revolution.

Unnamed Occult Radio Show @OccultRadioShow

An after-dark pirate radio show discussing the strange, unusual, and occult hosted by a man equally as enigmatic as the show's title and set to the comforting tones of turn-of-the-century jazz.

Untrue Stories @untrue_stories

Surreal sci-fi comedy-drama serial in which George Orwell and H. G. Wells argue about tea, go on time travel adventures, and overthrow western democracy

Val Toby:  Private Investigator

Val Toby is private investigator who solves different cases. Created and produced by

Zed1Pod @Zed1Pod

Zed 1 is a Rom Zom Com podcast following a Couple trying to survive the Apocalypse & their Marriage one Ep at a time