Judy Ramsook, Author

Judy Ramsook was born in San Fernando, Trinidad (Trinidad & Tobago) to East Indian parents. In the mid eighties she came to the USA where she attended San Antonio College and The University of Texas At San Antonio.
No stranger to accomplishments, by the age of 25, Judy had already published a poem in one of her country's leading newspapers, The Trinidad Guardian when she was a teenager in high school. And when she came to San Antonio, she was on the Dean's List in the Spring of 1986 for having a 4.0 GPA.
In 2004 she published her first book, Karen's Adventure, which is currently available on amazon.com in Ebook format as Princess Tide's Adventure.
Her audiobooks: The Lesbian and the Homophobic President, A Straight Married Woman's First Lesbian Encounter, and Going Home are currently available on Amazon, Audible and ITunes.
Although she currently lives in San Antonio, Texas, Judy was raised in a highly homophobic environment when she was growing up in the small island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. If anyone learned you were gay there, you were considered less of a person or even ostracized and disinherited.

Twitter.com: @Judyramsook
Instagram: @ramsookj
TikTok: judyramsook@judyrw

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Author Overlord sat down and talked with Judy about authorship

Author Overlord: Please tell me a little about your Book/Writing...

Judy Ramsook: My inspiration can come from something as small as a news story and some of my own experiences.

AO: What makes your Book/Characters unique?

JR: My LGBTQ+ fictional characters are your everyday ones you can meet anywhere in the world. I stick to this formula because for me, this is what makes them more relatable.

AO: How long have you been writing? And have you been able to make a living of it?

JR: I have been writing since I was a High School teenager and became more motivated after winning an Emily Bronte novel in a poetry contest.
In addition, writing and publishing my first teen adventure novella,
Karen's Adventure: Princess Tide's Adventure inspired me to keep writing. This came in the form of my first LGBTQ* romance, The Lesbian and the Homophobic President and more in the same genre.
Although I have not been able, as of yet to make a living off of writing, it is something I still enjoy doing. If I am ever able to make a living doing it, that would be a bonus.

AO: Tell us about a memorable moment that inspired a scene/chapter/entire book.

JR: One day as I was watching the news during the 2004 US Presidential Elections, I came across a few politicians who sounded rather homophobic when it came to the matter of legalizing gay marriage. That's when I got the idea for my novel: The Lesbian and the Homophobic President.

AO: What/Who are your influences?

JR: Although I have read lots of books by different authors, there is no one or two influence(s). In fact I am influenced by all authors, even the ones who do not write in the LGBTQ* genre.

AO: What struggles have you found when trying to advertise your book? [Have you gone to conventions, done other interviews, book signings/readings, etc?]

JR: The greatest struggle I have had as far as marketing goes is how an expensive venture it can be. I once approached an LGBTQ magazine and they said their ads in their magazine start at $600.00.
As for other promotional avenues such as, book signings, for that we authors have to purchase copies of our book(s), and make posters, which can require a small fortune. I have also learned along the way, that it can be quite challenging to market LGBTQ+ books."

AO: What good/bad/ridiculous feedback have you received that particularly sticks out in your mind?

JR: "I once tried to advertise on Facebook and one commentor said ""Who cares." But aside from that, the book market is now flooded with so many LGBTQ+ books that the competition is tough.

AO: What happened in your life that transformed you from a reader to an author?

JR: I guess it was when I was looking for a book I wanted to read in the LGBTQ+ genre I was interested in, but found none, so I began writing it and more.

A Straight Married Woman's First Lesbian Encounter by Judy Ramsook

All her gay life, Stacy Willard has been cautious about liasions with straight, married women. But how careful can you be?

For Stacy, she is about to learn why some straight, married women should remain- untouched-

Kindle: $.99

A Straight Married Woman's First Lesbian Encounter Part 2 by Judy Ramsook

Beth's persistence in trying to find Stacy leads to positive results for her, but where does that leave Stacy and Brenda?

Kindle: $.99

Blackmailed by my gorgeous stepmother by Judy Ramsook

Things haven’t been the same for Shelly since Felicia, her stepmother found out her secret that she’s a lesbian. And when Felicia tells Shelly what she wants in return for keeping this bit of information from her homophobic father, feelings take over.

Buried feelings Shelly and Felicia thought they kept hidden.

The true villain here is Shelly's guilty conscience...

Kindle: $.99

Going Home by Judy Ramsook

After living in America for 15 years, Jan contemplates going back to her island home, but it isn't the same place she once called home...

Kindle: $.99

Going Home Part 2 by Judy Ramsook

Tense moments arise as Maria accompanies Jan to her family home and their attraction and love for each other is tested as a result.

Kindle: $.99

Karen's Adventure: Princess Tide's Adventure by Judy Ramsook

Two teenage girls on the unexpected and turbulent journey of their lives as they search for their missing parents

Kindle: $.99

The Lesbian And The Homophobic President by Judy Ramsook

So many times life pulls its stunt on us and the unexpected cut across the plan. We are kept in a fix and a decision is paramount. Will power overthrow love? What happens to the undefined affection between Kelly and Jackie? Find out the answers to these questions from this intriguing plight of Jackie, Kelly and the Homophobic president. Will Jackie find a decision to surmount her elevated mountain of two-ended choices? Is Kelly truly a bad influence as thought by many? Will the president put his familiarity with Kelly on the line? The answer to all these isn’t far-fetched. Suspense and romance has found a great blend in this wonderful compilation by Judy Ramsook. This book is filled with wits and practical lessons. Story has got a new definition; this sure would worth your read. The lesbian and the Homophobic president will satisfy your hunger for a book of stories and leave you with an undying hunger for more. Let your curiosity meet an interesting answer. You are just a trial away, pick up your copy!

Kindle: $.99