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Aria's Bayou Child by Donan Berg @abodytobones

No motherless child flourishes and no mother's journey embraces sanity until she breaks the chains of false accusations and hugs a beating heart.

eBook: $2.99

A wild 1970s ride – an adventurous coming of age journey along America’s back roads.

At twenty, Jessie Morgan is fed up with just about everything. It’s September 1971 -- time to drop out, tune in, and turn on. She leaves college and Detroit in the rearview mirror, hitting the road in her 1965 yellow Volkswagen convertible. Wandering byways from Kentucky to Key West to Montana, Jessie is out to experience everything.

She didn't count on meeting a man like Twisty.

Kindle: $2.99 - Paperback: $13.95

It's 1972, and San Francisco is a global mecca for hippies and radicals. In Book 2 of The Jessie Morgan Series, 21-year-old Jess can’t wait to join her friend Donna there. Driving her VW down the Pacific Coast, she’s more than ready for the city’s open Bohemian vibe, bongo-mad street life, perpetual protests, and cutting-edge counterculture. Among the characters she meets are Cat, a tall, fun-loving Sicilian, and Carl, a Harley-riding enigma with bushy red hair. As Jessie gleefully spreads her wings in the City by the Bay, she leaves her stormy past behind. Or does she? This novel is recommended for mature readers due to 1970s-era sex, drugs, and profanity.

Kindle: $2.99 - Paperback: $8.79

It’s May 1975, and Jessie needs to disappear.
In Book 3 of The Jessie Morgan Series, our heroine takes to the sea and to the rugged Stikine River, voyaging solo into the wilds of northern British Columbia and Southeast Alaska. Traumatized by her ex-boyfriend’s violent attack, she escapes to the remote, off-the-grid North Country – where she hopes he cannot find her.

Jess experiences true wilderness, has adventures on commercial fishing boats, and battles her post-assault fears. In Sitka, she joins a support group for battered women, and realizes that she is not alone in the struggle to heal.

Kindle: $2.99

Black Gold Down Under by Larry Smith III @larry_smith35

A struggling African American family in Crosby Tx discovers oil on their Land, when two young boys were in their backyard playing. From that moment on, the family lives take on a whole new direction.

Kindle: $2.99 - Paperback: $24.99

Byron Beyond the Firmament by Neil S Reddy @thistribe

Lord Byron's lost sci-fi masterpiece... or is it a true account of the MAD BAD & DANGEROUS TO KNOW kidnapping by aliens? It's Gothic Sci-fi, Georgian Steampunk. A real sci-fi romp based in historical fact... perhaps.

Kindle: £3.99 - Paperback £12.99

Darkness Hovering: The Onaterian Chronicles Book 1 by Helen G Huntley @helenghuntley1

A tight knit team of galactic spies using everything including magic, take down a notorious criminal who thought he had an unstoppable plan to take over the Planet Astua. The Prince of Astua falls into a complicated love affair with one of the spies who has a haunting past she cant get through. Full of action, romance, and intrigue.

Kindle: $2.99

Dreams and Secrets by Helen G Huntley @helenghuntley1

A rancher in Denver Colorado falls in love with a young woman and his desire for her is overwhelming. as a result he keeps aloof from her eventually driving her away. They both learn from the Arapaho Indians how to relax and be themselves. In the mean time trouble is brewing in town among the ex-cavalry soldiers.

Kindle: $2.99

Hound of the Biscuit Barrel by Neil S Reddy @thistribe

Strange things are afoot in the town of Broston. Never feat Fast Like and Taxi Sam are here. A subversion of the Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson amateur sleuth setup via David Lynch, David Cronenberg: if they were writing a 'Carry On' noir detective adventure.

Kindle: £3.99 - Paperback £9.99

Jenks by Barney Burrell @burrell_barney

Ruthless freelance professional assassin Jenks is hired by ultra-top secret government agency – responsible for the dirtiest of work – to kill a rogue CIA analyst and prevent a super Wikileaks-like Russian backed dissemination of catastrophic above Top Secret explosive revelations, capable of overturning the world order.

Using the most ingenious of spycraft, the chameleon like Jenks has no option but to let the crime play out until the very end. With the action taking place simultaneously between Soho, London and Langley, USA Jenks hurtles towards the ultimate confrontation and sacrifice – his pedal to the metal race to uncover the truth will leave you gasping.

Kindle: £2.99 eBook or £0 on Kindle unlimited - Paperback: £9.99

The Sea Ghost by Helen G Huntley @helenghuntley1

"Judith Adams is traveling on one her own merchant ships, heading for Cadiz, Spain from London, England. The cantina she owns in Cadiz, has been taken over by rebels and some of her workers are being held hostage. Her only thought is to try to save them.
When her ship is attacked by the infamous pirate they call the Sea Ghost, she employs him and his crew to help her against the rebels. He is more than willing to help her since he is captivated by her from the beginning. She has no idea that Lennox Cantor her childhood sweetheart has set a trap for her. He is waiting filled with malice, thoughts of torture and revenge for her rejection of him. Filled with anger and impatience, he has already been thwarted and outmaneuvered by the Sea Ghost as he tried to reach Cadiz. Lennox doesnt know Judith has hired this same pirate to help her. How will Lennox respond when he finds out that not only has the Sea Ghost destroyed his plans and taken everything he has, but he has also taken his woman? “The Sea Ghost” is an action, adventure, romance, with a host of fascinating characters, set in early nineteenth century."

Kindle: $2.99

In the first of his books, Sean Peter describes a fictionalised account of his life as a young Irish boy in 1960s' Swaziland, growing up with the daily exuberance that only the young can find ""running wild"" in the countryside with friends. Sean suddenly finds his freedom caged, as he is sent to a Draconian boarding school in South Africa, and discovers the dichotomy of apartheid. At a coming of age, Sean's journey finds him at a forward-thinking, liberal university before being thrown into an ultra-conservative veterinary school to finish the necessary training to help animals. While he is deeply satisfied with his work in the townships and the daily experiences with his patients, he is disturbed by the treatment he sees committed at the hands of government officials. Torn between his dream to help animals and the need to do what's right, life-changing choices lead to his conviction as an ""uninspired"" terrorist. This is not an autobiography but rather a fictionalised narrative of someone trying to live a normal life but failing dramatically due to their own poor decisions.

Kindle: $4.37 - Paperback: $14.95 - Hardback: $27.95