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Blood on the Scarecrow by Glenn Canning

Daniel gets an unwanted puppy to complicate his life. Besides having to deal w/a grandfather w/dementia. His dog Sambuca saves his life one night. Months later his pet gets dog napped. Daniel feels he owes it to Sambuca to rescue him. Follow Daniel on his harrowing journey to rescue his beloved pet.

Kindle:  $9.99 - Paperback: $17.99 - Hardback: $24.99

Impossible Tales by V.S.Sury @SURY1234

A collection of short stories. Science, fantasy, reality, fiction, all deftly mixed up!

Kindle:  $0.99 - Paperback $7

Lottie the Ladybird's Adventure by Genna Rowbotham

"Darcey, a young, adventurous girl runs away from home into the heart of Ladybird Wood where she makes friends with Lottie the Ladybird. Lottie confides in her that she’s lost her spots and they embark on an exciting adventure together looking for them. Along the way, they encounter a strange, peculiar frog, a mischievous cat and are joined by Darcey’s troublesome best friend, George.

As the mystery unfolds, things aren’t quite what they seem. 

What could possibly go wrong – and will they ever find Lottie’s spots?

Full of adventure, friendship, and a sweet-talking ladybird."

Kindle:  £1.99 - Paperback £6.99