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Darkness Hovering: The Onaterian Chronicles Book 1  by Helen G Huntley @helenghuntley1

A tight knit team of galactic spies using everything including magic, take down a notorious criminal who thought he had an unstoppable plan to take over the Planet Astua. The Prince of Astua falls into a complicated love affair with one of the spies who has a haunting past she cant get through. Full of action, romance, and intrigue.

Kindle:  $4.99 - Paperback $6.14 - Hardback $25.99

Dreams and Secrets by Helen G Huntley @helenghuntley1

A rancher in Denver Colorado falls in love with a young woman and his desire for her is overwhelming. as a result he keeps aloof from her eventually driving her away. They both learn from the Arapaho Indians how to relax and be themselves. In the mean time trouble is brewing in town among the ex-cavalry soldiers.

Kindle:  $2.99

Dressed in Clover by Jilla Lavalle

Becky & I had been through a lot together. I'd do anything for her. When she was considering getting back with her ex-boyfriend, I knew I had to do something. I kissed Becky. Little did I know, she had already met someone new, Mark.

Kindle:  $4.97


Three stories of three very different women who find love where they least expected it…

Enjoy a paranormal vampire thrill in New Orleans with LOVE BYTES: A VAMPIRE TALE:

Dominique Etienne LeRoy is a vampire looking for love in the personals. She is immediately attracted to the online profile of Richard Montague, who also happens to be a wizard with a prejudice against vampires. When Dominique and Richard meet, they are instantly drawn to each other, but can Richard put aside his hatred for vampires, to love the person Dominique is inside?

A May/December office affair with a twist in Atlanta with THE UNEXPECTED MENTOR:

Kyle Boyer has just landed a position in a prestigious law firm. When he is assigned to clerk for Ms. Henderson, he is both excited and nervous. He finds her extremely attractive, but her reputation as the “dragon lady” may present an obstacle. To his surprise, Ms. Henderson presents Kyle with an offer that is more than he bargained for both inside the office and out. 

And last but not least, a decadent treat in Lyon, France with CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE:

Gabrielle St. John is travelling from her home in Atlanta to apprentice with a prestigious chef in France. Once there, the chef, Jacques Bocuse, an intense career driven man, is very curt with her, leaving her feeling inadequate and homesick. However, after a food-fight brought on by frustration turns into laughter and a real conversation, the two chefs discover that they have more in common than they realize.

Kindle:  $.99

Eradicating the Beast by Helen G Huntley @helenghuntley1

A genetically modified beast is let loose in the forest of the planet Astua. The forester is attacked but not dead, he has amnesia and doesn't remember that he had uncovered a plot to assassinate the emperor. He also doesn't know those involved are looking to kill him.

Kindle:  $3.99

The Fourth State of Matter by D'Arcy Arden

Earth is dead. Humanity survives by selling their only resource —themselves. 2689 has become décor, living artwork bought and sold by rich aliens.

Kindle:  $5.99 - Paperback $17.99

The Ghost of Manor Ren by Helen G Huntley @helenhhuntley1

"The dark, gloomy manor had been haunted for a hundred years…or so they all believed.   
        No one ever knew what really happened on that day in 1845, when Reilly and Lon Ren mysteriously disappeared. The bodies were never found.
        It’s now 1945, and Claude Wallace doesn’t believe in ghosts. He needs that property for its location and a place to deposit his daft but necessary wife.
        By the time Reilly and Lon are finished with Claude, he and his nefarious allies will all believe in ghosts."

Kindle:  $2.99

Going Home by Judy Ramsook 

After living in America for 15 years, Jan contemplates going back to her island home, but it isn't the same place she once called home...

Kindle:  $.99

Going Home Part 2 by Judy Ramsook 

Tense moments arise as Maria accompanies Jan to her family home and their attraction and love for each other is tested as a result.

Kindle:  $.99

The Grand Dame of Bourbon Street: A Dominique LeRoy Vampire Novel by Mahogany SilverRain

An adult vampire tale that will both shock and leave you wanting more. Enter the dark world of vampires, shifters, and wizards and hope you make it through the night.

With the death of her vampire mate, Dominique LeRoy, the hybrid Vampire Queen of New Orleans, must choose a new vampire mate. Three men love her, but only one can be her vampire mate. Asmodeus, the best friend of her late husband, craves her power of day walking. Dominique chooses Azazel, a powerful fire wizard. Her alliances with both the magical and shifter communities, she poses a threat to the centuries-old Vampire Blood Council. To them, it's clear that Dominique has gained too much power for one vampire and needs to be controlled. The Council gives her an ultimatum, turn the wizard into a vampire to prove her loyalty, or they both die a traitor's death. Will she choose love or loyalty?

Kindle:  $3.99

God Bless My Broken Road by Stacy Thowe (author)

Travel down Sarah and Ben's broken paths as they struggle to get through one of life's crashes. The type of life-altering experience that leaves you fighting to stay afloat. Contact Barnes & Noble for a copy. Also on Amazon. Links at http://stacythowe.com #readers

Kindle:  $4.50 - Paperback $11.51  - Hardcover $21.54