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Darkness Hovering: The Onaterian Chronicles Book 1 by Helen G Huntley @helenghuntley1

A tight knit team of galactic spies using everything including magic, take down a notorious criminal who thought he had an unstoppable plan to take over the Planet Astua. The Prince of Astua falls into a complicated love affair with one of the spies who has a haunting past she cant get through. Full of action, romance, and intrigue.

Kindle: $2.99

In a corrupt, sordid, dishonest and depraved world, Peter found himself standing on the fence, he was distinguished by his ingenuousness and diligent, through which he had attain a rapid acceleration and promotion within a pace of his five years to a position which had took most of his predecessors fifteen to twenty years to attain with one of the world most secured bank; but lately he had been conceiving a dark plot couple with greed in his mind; his life took a dark turn after he meet with Emily. Emily Hudson, a gorgeous and intelligent young model, she was also a high class celebrity, she had visit his bank a day after his sudden promotion, to make an inquiry on their services and the bank security measure before she could transact with the bank, and as she was unable to conclude on her inquiry due to an interruption; an appointment she had book with her modelling agent, she had reschedule her appointment with Peter thereby inviting him on a date, so as to clear her doubt, however, the date night goes wrong and turn into a one night romance escapade, as they both developed sudden chemistry and mature feelings for each other and couldn’t help resist the passion that looms in the air. furthermore by the morning, she had introduce him to Jerome, a rogue whom she’d just meet, however, she had secretly warn him never to trust Jerome a bit, as he was a scoundrel and masterminded of crimes. But, unknown to her that Jerome was just the ideal person Peter needed at that moment, for he want an expertise who could help him with his dark plot on how to siphoned his bank of the two billion dollars he was to ship to the Swiss bank, and change history for once. However, a conspiracy was born.

Kindle: $2.99 - Paperback $22.99