“It is a test [that] genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood.” — T. S. Eliot, from the essay "Dante."

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As Tyne Goes By: 12 More Poems From The North East Coast by Dean Jolly

This poetry book further explores my love of the North East and in particular celebrates the people, the history and that beautiful patch of coastline which spans from North Shields through Tynemouth and on to Whitley Bay.
In a way this book is a sequel to North Shields 'A Town Where No Town Ought To Be' 12 Poems of Time & Tide and offers a further 12 similarly themed poems which I hope you will enjoy.

Kindle: £4.95 - Paperback: £5.99

Finding Home: Healing from Abuse by Sandra Jeffs @Author_S_Jeffs

It is a collection of 21 poems about abuse and healing from it. It spans the gamut of types of abuse: physical, emotional, mental, and sexual.

Kindle: $5.99 - Paperback: $9.99

North Shields 'A Town Where No Town Ought To Be' 12 Poems of Time & Tide

by Dean Jolly @author_jolly

This is not just a book of poetry, but a celebration of northern heritage and a love song to the town where I grew up. North Shields 'A Town Where No Town Ought To Be' 12 Poems of Time & Tide contains poetry which is sometimes historical and other times autobiographical. All the poems contained within are linked to or mention North Shields and the surrounding areas.

Kindle: £4.99 - Paperback: £5.99

The Significance of Small Happenings by Dean Jolly @author_jolly

A debut book of poetry from a newly emerging North East based poet who thinks he has something worth saying and has set out to say it in spectacular form. The Significance of Small Happenings touches upon complex themes, and the poems contained within may well stay with you long after you have read them.

Kindle: £2.99 - Paperback: £4.50

Symphony of Secrets by Mia Sanchez

The image you had of me was inaccurate; The absence of the symphony of my secrets made it a completely distinct story.

When I started writing this poetry collection, that was the first thing that came to mind. Maybe it was because I never thought anyone would understand me.

All of us have fallen in love and had our hearts broken. Over the years, we have lost friendships and felt lost at least once. In those moments, you just want to find something that would help you express your emotions. Poems for such moments are included in this collection.

No matter what your situation or where you are, hopefully, you can find at least one poem in this collection that speaks to you.

Kindle: $3.99