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911 Podcasts @911_podcasts

#Cascadia follows Declan Walters and crew to the deepest point of the ocean...when all hell breaks loose. An immersive thriller. Listen now, link in the bio.

Read our in-depth interview with Adam Murciano and his podcast "Cascadia".

Absolute Empowerment @corpman46

To absolutely empower those to take accountability of their life. To instill courage, strength, and fight!!!

Accidental Intrigue @accintrigue_pod

An audio drama featuring tales of travel and mystery set in various regions around the world.

A Cry in the Moon's Light @AlanMcGill14

Fiction Drama, Horror Romance. A young woman must travel through a dark forest in the late 1700's of eastern Europe. She is followed by a mysterious beast and a deadly wolf pack is trying to kill her. It is a tale of werewolves, mystery and romance.

A Podcast of AI-written Stories Read by Humans @UncannyRobot

Surreal AI-written stories read by humans. Hosted by Bram Stoker Award-nominated author Thersa Matsuura and Sound Editor Rich Pav.

Arthadian Anthologies @msarthadian

Explore an EPIC anthology exploring a New Expanding Universe! With multiple, interwoven sagas and series that piece together a massive narrative spanning time and space! 

Mythology Lore

The Asian Tapestry @AsianTapestry1

A podcast about myths, legends and lore from Asia. Join me on a journey across blazing deserts and snowy mountains, lush forests and roaring rivers as we dive into the Book of Fables and immerse ourselves in the magic of Asia. Welcome…to the Asian Tapestry.

The Book of Constellations @bookofcon

Down-to-Earth sci-fi about the sole survivor of an alien race who has come to Earth to fight the same evil that took his world.

Bounty Hunters:  Hunters of the Supernatural

Audio drama about Supernatural Bounty Hunters. Gus, Jo and Jimi chase supernatural creatures.

Brain Buster Boys @BrainBusterBoys

Brett & Beaumont host a wrestling podcast while grappling with the strange, often-supernatural show business of making a podcast.

Care & Feeding of Werewolves @CareWerewolves

When her grandmother disappears without a trace, Hazel Thornton drops out of her medical residency program to look for her and take over the family clinic for supernatural beings only to find more people are going missing. She takes it upon herself to warn and educate the community, search for the lost, and manage a full patient load all while keeping the paranormal world a secret safe from humans.

ChillinglyBizarre @ChillinglyB

Chillingly Bizarre is a scripted horror podcast based on horror short stories with a strange twist; written be Jeydie W.

Countries That Don't Exist Anymore @ctdeapod

Historical entertainment show about countries lost to the mists of time, featuring sketches, songs and special guests.

The Criminal Satirist @crimesatirist

True crime podcast that takes brief outlooks on cases both old and new. Using satire and facts to bring victims a voice, and make criminals and the criminal justice system accountable.