Books are long.  Wouldn't it be nice to find out if you're going to like it before investing that kind of time?  Consider following book review podcasts below and find something new and unexpected.

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Black Hammer Club @blackhammerpod

Join Me Mike a long time fan of comic books. As i journey into the amazing world of Black Hammer comic series.

Boston Metaphysical Society: The Ghost Ship @mhollyrosing       

Steampunk supernatural graphic novel, prose, and audio drama series. Incorporated under Queen of Mercia LLC  

Crossing the Nerdverse @CTN_podcast

Now as a council we will continue to bring you new news and information in all things nerd.

The Good The Bad and The Whoreable @BadWhoreable

The Good, the Bad, and the Whoreable is a weekly podcast, sharing stories of about dating, sex, relationships, entanglements, and everything in between.

Let's Read Spider-Man @letsreadspidey

Eddie and James B discuss the characters and the tales of The Amazing Spider-Man Marvel comic books blending accurate descriptions, serious discussions and laid back humor covering two issues each 30 minute episode.

The Mello Podcast @Mellopod22

Giving Weekly News About Gaming,Movies,TV Shows In The Geek Culture. I'll Usually Throw In A TV/Movie Review In There Somewhere. Doing Some Comic Reading w/ My Best Impersonations. Come Check It, Always And Forever ONE LOVE.

The Nerd Byword  @NerdByword

Your guide to all things nerdy! Hosted by @thatnerddave & @thatnerdkris!

The Nerd Fix @FixNerd

This podcast is hosted by a young black woman with a love and passion for all things in the world of Anime, Manga, Video Games, anything that is nerdy that you love, she's here to talk about it! Whether it be reviewing the latest chapter of a popular series, breaking down facts about a character from a series or even reading a Creepypasta story, she talks about it all. This podcast is a platform where she can voice her love and passion for something that makes her happy and connect to others making friends wherever she goes.

The Ninja Turtle Nerds @tmntnerds

We review ninja turtle comic books one issue at a time.

Omen Revelations Podcast @NunneleyMike @Shadewing @OmenRevelations

On ORP Michael Nunneley and Steve Sellers discuss comics and comic characters (including our own), pop culture, movies and writing every other Tuesday.

The “professional” Slackers Podcast @proslackerspod

The official twitter home  for The Professional Slackers Podcast

None Of My Friends Like Comics Podcast @NoComicFriends

A podcast where a comic book enthusiast talks to a new reader about a piece of work in the medium. Expect deep dives of the story, discussions of themes, and some jokes along the way! At the end of each episode we will ask the new reader if they would pull it (thumbs up) or drop it (thumbs down). Let's see if we can get some friends to like comics...

SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast @seangeekpodcast

Sean geeks out on things, Todd plays musical melodies. They meet in the middle to discuss a different topic every week.

That Superhero Thing @superherothing

A comic book movie podcast made FOR the fans, BY the fans. Every week we talk Marvel, DC and all things SUPER!

Toon Tales @toontalespod

We take a look at the cartoons that defined our childhood.

Two Geeks Talking @KurtSasso

1,200+ #interviews in TV/Film, Comics, Games & Music | Creating #Geek #podcast one #interview at a time. Everyone has a story to tell!

Web tales a spider-man podcast @Batchpop4d

In web tales we recap classic issues of spiderman from the beginning to the present day with a side of nonsense  

What Heroes Do @Heroes_Do

Celebrating all things SUPERHEROIC: We discuss Movies, TV, News and Reviews: Marvel, DC, The Boys, plus Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. We also celebrate everyday heroes too - people who do amazing things and deserve to be heard.