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Abandoned Albums @abandonedalbums

Looking at albums that may have been forgotten about over time and some albums you may not even know existed.

A Breath of Fresh Air @sandykpresents

A music show that celebrates the songs we grew up with and the people who made it. Warm, intimate, fireside chats with the hitmakers of the '60s '70s and '80s, We learn about the artists' musical and often personal lives and relive the soundtrack to our lives. Together we check in on some of the biggest names of the day. 


Analog Smile  @AnalogSmilePod

A podcast chatting with musicians, authors, podcasters, and others about the music they love. 

And The Podcast Will Rock @PodcastWillRock

Breaking down the Mighty Van Halen catalog, one track at a time!

...And Volume For All @AV4Apod

History of Heavy Metal 101 (with jokes)

Butter Legs @butterlegscast

Wife Sin, husband Jay, and brother Alex watch movies and then write, produce and sing music inspired by the experience. 

Cash vs Trash @CashvsTrashpod

We compare the highest grossing movie of a year to a box office bomb from the top 200 movies released that same year and decide if they actually deserve their spot on the list. 

The Cinematic Sound Radio Podcast @cinsoundradio

A soundtrack podcast  featuring shows dedicated to film, TV & video game music

Don Cozy Podcast @DonCozyPodcast

Don Cozy Podcast. Is a podcast hosted by Don Cozy giving the world a deeper perspective and understanding of what is happening in the entertainment industry by giving out accurate analysis from an African perspective/lens with no bias or fear or favor. 

Elton Reads A Book A Week  @Eltonreadsalot

A dark humor comedy writer shares a book he's read; foul mouthed hijinks ensue.

Getting Down & Wordy @downandwordy

Humorous edutainment about pop music and language.

Hardly Focused @FocusedHardly

Dissecting the news, one tangent at a time.

Hit Shuffle Podcast @Hit_Shuffle

Two hosts shuffle through their extensive music libraries and talk about what comes up.

Infectious Groove Podcast @Infectious_Pod

3 long time music fans and residents of Detroit take though through tons of music topics, with an emphasis on keeping the discussion postive.

The Jacked Up Review Show Podcast @JackedUpReview

A bunch of filmbuffs team together to discuss all kinds of entertainment (film, music, TV, games, even food!) and note its significance in pop culture and the world itself.

Logan So8nds Off @logansoundsoff

My name is Logan, from Ireland and I am 11 years old. On my podcast I share interviews with musicians, DJs and more aswell as sharing album & book reviews.

Metalcore Nerds @MetalcoreNerds

A weekly podcast that combines the metalcore world with all things pop culture. Available everywhere you find podcasts.

Middle-Aged Metal-Heads @MAMHPOD

"We are the greatest generation of METAL FANS. full stop.  We heard the greatest records the day they came out. We saw the greatest bands. LIVE. IN PERSON.   Our experiences are the stuff of legends. We hung out after the shows, we hung out before the shows.  Middle-Aged Metal-Heads is reliving the days of METAL with you. JOIN US."

Music for the Quarantined Soul @ForQuarantined

Each episode we invite a new guest to discuss the 5 albums they would take into quarantine with them. 

Music in Cinema @charleybeltran

Music in Cinema is a new podcast that explores songs and scores used in cinema. Each episode features a special guest and an in-detail discussion on 7 tracks and films.

Music Joy @musicjoypodcast

Co-hosts Natalie and Keli chat about the intersection of music and its place in our lives. We believe music is an essential thing #musicfix #catchthevibe

Music Melting Pot @musicmeltingpod

Music podcast for open minded music fans. It’s like a weekly, virtual mixtape of music genres and commentary you won’t hear anywhere else.

No Name Music Cast @NoNameMusicCast

Tim and Joy pick a new music-related topic to discuss each week. These topics typically end up in many funny stories, thoughts, and theories! If you enjoy music and fun ....You are in the right place!

Our Mind on Music @ourmindonmusic

We love to chat about music and see where the conversation takes us. Jeremy and Leon take a lighthearted approach to exploring all things music with discussion, interviews, music samples, and more. Listen. Comment. Share ideas and questions.

The Pop Culture Retrospective Podcast @popcultureretro

When my sister passed away in 2019 I decided I wanted to do something productive and positive to deal with my grief.  The result was a podcast based around the pop culture we grew up with during the 80s, 90s and early 2000s.  Each episode takes a deep dive into our childhood and adolescent memories from movies to bands to television shows to toys.

Prisoners of Rock and Roll Podcast @PrisonersofRock
Prisoners of Rock and Roll is a bi-weekly podcast about music, the people who make it, and the almighty, ever-lasting power it has over all of us. We bring you a new episode every two weeks, and no topic is off limits. We've covered everything from Anthrax to Frank Sinatra, the history of the blues to the history of punk, and from Johnny Cash to the Joshua Tree. 

        We also play clips, discuss music news, and sentence a song every week to The Electric Chair for being terrible. Check us out -- you might learn something!

Records & Bands @robjonespodcast

Records & Bands, where we talk about …records AND bands! Album reviews, artist deep dives and guest Q&As

RE-VGM @re_vgm

Covers, remixes, and arrangements of VGM, including original tracks

Ridiculous Rock Record Reviews @R4podcastAaron

We do a track by track review of a random rock album every week. From soft rock to death metal, it’s all game. Rock on!

Roasted Spins @RoastedSpins

Each podcast episode features a discussion and review of a particular coffee and album from Steve’s music collection. Steve Greene is 1/3 of the band Voyag3r and V3 Cast podcast. A video version of the podcast will be on YouTube and the audio version will be available wherever you get your podcasts. If you want to suggest a coffee brand or roast, please email suggestions and info.

Rock-n-Roll Autopsy Podcast @RnRAutopsy

Two amateur pathologists attempt to dissect the corpse of rock-n-roll. The world's state-of-the-art rock-n-roll podcast!

SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast @seangeekpodcast

Sean geeks out on things, Todd plays musical melodies. They meet in the middle to discuss a different topic every week.

The Sonic Cloth @thesoniccloth

Scattershot dives into the recesses of deep music. Thrust yourself down the rabbit hole.

Songs and Stories @songsstoriespod

"The stories behind some of Irelands favourite folk songs, rebel songs and Ballads.  Their histories, meanings, myths, interpretations and everything in between. "

Songs That Don’t Suck @STDSPodcast

An aging GenXer is on a journey to discover new music that simply doesn't suck. The gems are out there, I just have to sift through the rubbish.

The Sounds of Christmas @SOCMusic

Conversation about Christmas, Christmas music and related topics

Stay Busy with Armon Sadler @staybusypod

Responsible discussions on the music business and culture

STO The Smokers Lounge @cavanaugh34

Sponsored By LSswirl: Start Your Journey into Da Life ( Lifestyle site) & Eroticism Magazine ------------------------------ I Bring Da Smoke This is The Smoker's Lounge, Where talk about one subject in-depth. I talk about anything and everything. From celebrity news, Porn advice and stories, my experience in the BDSM world, Politics , Movies and more. This commentary and Satire . It's my opinions and thoughts. for Bonus Episodes and Special episodes ($4.99 a month)

The Sunday Night Army @sundaynightarmy

An award winning podcast where JAKUB talks about current events, media, independent music, politics and entertainment with special guests.

Texas History Lessons Podcast @TexasHistoryL

Texas History Lessons is a slow walk through Texas history and much more. The podcast is a deep dive into the college Texas History survey course you might or might not have taken plus many bonus episodes looking at sometimes overlooked people and events. Plus Texas music!

This is Not Culture @thisisnotcultur

A funny Podcast dedicated to music, movies, spooky goings on and lots of weird shite

This Is The Greatest Song I've Ever Heard In My Entire Life @gr8songpod

Interviews with musicians, writers, and other creatives about the music they love and why they love it and the song that makes them scream, 'This Is The Greatest Song I've Ever Heard In My Entire Life!'

Totally 80s and 90s Recall @Recall80s90s

Two Gen X dudes discussing all things 80's and 90's, from music and movies to TV and pop culture. 

The Underplayed @UnderplayedPC

We break down songs that deserve more airtime! Mostly we stick to "bands" and pop, rock, americana, etc.

V3 Cast @v3_cast

V3 Cast is the official Voyag3r podcast! The band gets together to talk about their new and favorite films, albums, books, comics and even D&D as well as upcoming Voyag3r news, concert dates. Stream wherever you get your podcasts. YouTube will have the video of the hangout and the standard podcast will just be audio. Look for the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts as well as Google Podcasts and more!

Wura Radio @wuraradio

It's a podcast that gives a radio like feeling with her box of programmes ranging from relationship to fashion to trendy gist to music and movie review.

Your Life The Mixtape @urlifeurmixtape

A podcast about life, love, and the universe as told through song.