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Sasquatch Podcast @sasquatchpodcas

We are a movie review podcast and we also do Snack reviews

Sci-Fi Rewind @Rewindscifi

A podcast where we discuss sci-fi from a generational and filmmaker's point of view to answer the questions of - Why was this made? and Would this get made today?

Screaming Through the Ages @ScreamingAges 

A bi weekly podcast  focusing on the history of horror movies.

Sequel Pitch @SequelPitch

Film fanatic friends and sometimes special guests review a movie that doesn't have a sequel yet, then have a contest pitching their ideas for sequels! The host picks the winner, and they get to host next time

Shoot the Flick @ShoottheFlick

We are a married couple who each week introduces each other to a movie and shoots the shit about it!

SideTalks Podcast @SideTalksPod

SideTalks Pod  is an audio-visual podcast that focuses on discussions pertaining everything Law, Vibes and In-between. It aims at discussing real issues pertaining the Law, Entertainment, sports, career, religion, Sex, relationships, culture lifestyle, everything and anything in-between.

The Slasher Sports Show @SlasherSports

Welcome to the Slasher Sports Show. In this feed, catch all the shows in the Slasher Sports Network.

Film review

So so so Sandlerous: the Sandman movie podcast @SoSandlerousPod

Two best friends rewatch the entire filmography of Adam Sandler.

Star Trek Reviews by Haven @HavenStudiosPod

I am doing short reviews of EVERY SINGLE episode of Star Trek, every Monday and Friday. 

S.T.O.The Smokers Lounge @SmokerSto

The Smoker's Lounge is the Safe For The World Of Sex Work. From Porn stars to Onlyfans Girls ,we discuss the real of the business. 100% Real and 100% Honest. Come Smoke This Ova

Stop Ruining My Childhood @MyChildhoodPod 

A sometimes nostalgic, sometimes cynical look back at pop culture.  Join us as we revisit movies, cartoons, and live-action TV of the 80s and 90s, and ask the question, ”Does this hold up? Or did I just ruin my childhood?”

The Super Podcast @SM_SuperNetwork

The Super Podcast has been going strong since 2009, hosted by Super Marcey and Bede Jermyn. The podcast is all about film, tv, books and pop culture. With lists and commentaries. 

That Superhero Thing @superherothing

A comic book movie podcast made FOR the fans, BY the fans. Every week we talk Marvel, DC and all things SUPER!

Toon My Heart @toonmyheart

In Toon My Heart, we take a closer look at some of your favorite animated movies to see if we can discover redeeming themes, traces of eternal truth, and ideas that are relevant to the Christian faith.

Totally 80s and 90s Recall @Recall80s90s

Two Gen X dudes discussing all things 80's and 90's, from music and movies to TV and pop culture. 

Two Idiots and a Dog @tiaadmedia

Two queer millennials discuss movies and other media, but never claimed to be smart.

True Believers PoDCast @truebelieversp

Two comic book enthusiasts meet weekly to discuss comic book characters events, and movies. 

Two And A Half Virgins @twovirgincast

Two And A Half Virgins is a podcast created and hosted by nickasfrick and big guac. Join us with a regular non-virgin guests and talk about whatever we feel like talking about. Our conversations revolve around online content, video games, media, tv & film and much more.

Two Cousins and a TV @2CousinsandaTV

Two cousins, Malaysia and Kayvon, combine their love of television, overthinking and hot takes to create a podcast discussing tv shows and movies.

Two Geeks Talking @KurtSasso

Since 2008 with over 1000+ Entertainment Interviews in Comics, TV/Film, Music and Video Games.

The Tubi Tuesdays Podcast  @SM_SuperNetwork 

The Tubi Tuesdays Podcast is hosted by Super Marcey, Bede Jermyn and Prof. Batch, each week your hosts go on the free streaming service Tubi and pick a random film and do an audio commentary/watch a long. New episodes every Tuesday (Australian time)