INTERVIEW: The Podcast Overlord team sat down with Alex (aka Snerfin) to talk about their podcast, "NerdynomiChron".

Podcast Overlord: Please Tell me a little about your Podcast

NerdynomiChron: We’re a 420 friendly podcast, where 3 friends get a little blazed and talk about all the nerdy stuff going on in the world. We talk movies, books, video games and tv shows.

What makes your Podcast unique?

To be honest? Not a damn thing, but we don’t care because we live what we do.

How long have you been doing this?

6 months

Are you able/hoping to do this full time?

It’s a hobby at the moment, however, if the moment arose that we could do this full-time, I’m certain we would.

Do you have any memorable moments?

Nothing to do with our show, but we did appear as guests on another podcast. Was really cool.

Interesting, what was the other podcast?

The World According to Fear and MDI. It’s also known as TwatFM.

What was it like working with your cast?

We all worked together at one point, this is the kind of stuff we talked about. So this is just us having a conversation really.

Have you had any good/bad/ridiculous feedback?

Nothing yet, we are open to feedback though.

What happened in your life that transformed you from a Podcast listener to a Podcast creator?

I used to be a guest on a friends podcast and decided that if they could do it, so could I.

What was the writing process like?

Hahahaha what writing process?

Ah. So everything is just 'off the cuff'. That can be exciting as well as challenger. Is there anything you'd like to tell the world right now? (Such as links/webpages/etc)

If you want to listen to a few stoners talk nerdy, come have a listen! You can find us on most podcast platforms.


420 friendly nerdy podcast where we talk about all things nerdy, from movies, tv, video games and comic books.

@therealsnerfin or @NerdyNomiChron