INTERVIEW: The Podcast Overlord team sat down with Podcast Host, Producer and Editor, Derik Jones, about his podcast, "Return to Oswald", which breaks down the HBO series, OZ.

PO: I love it when people get together and break down an entire series. Please Tell me a little about what makes Return to Oswald tick.

DJ: Return to Oswald is a podcast where we discuss every episode of the iconic HBO series Oz. We started because when Derik found out that Brandon hadn't seen Oz and that Scar loved Oz, he knew there was a podcast to be made.

The experiences we have. Brandon has never seen Oz, so every moment is new to him. Scar has seen the entire show, so he is the veteran, and I (Derik) am in between the two of them. Plus, we are three black men who are open and honest about our discussions and we do not run away from the disagreements that we may have about topics that occur on the show. We are also all extremely funny and work very well together.

It looks like you might be about done with the series, what's in store next for the team?

After we finish Oz, we will continue on to other shows that we think are discussion worthy, so keep rolling with us!

I see you do an amazing number of podcasts, and always on time. Is this something you are doing full time now?

No. I love my job, and having the ability to sit down with my friends and talk shows that I love is a blessing in itself.

Can you give us a memorable moment or two from the series.

Season two ended on a cliffhanger that was never followed up on. Like... they totally acted like it never happened in season three. This was after an entire season of building up to this point; it wasn't a spur of the moment decision. We must have made fun of that for three episodes straight. Also, the time frames that they have for this show are always janky, so we constantly make fun of that as well.

What was it like working with the cast?

We haven't had any guests yet, but I am hoping to get some of the cast on with us in time.

How are people responding to the show.? People love their TV and can be quite protective about it sometimes.

It has all been surprisingly good. Not surprising in the sense that our show is good, we are three podcasting veterans and the content is evergreen and wonderful, after all. I mean surprisingly in the way that people have responded to our way of doing these discussions. It has been really refreshing to see.

Thanks Derik. Is there anything you'd like to tell the world right now? (Such as links/webpages/etc)

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