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Interview with Nashville, TN based "Love's Tragedy"

Please tell me little about your band:

We are a female-fronted group based in Nashville, TN that plays music that falls somewhere in between Rock and Metal... maybe Hard Rock would be the actual tag, with an edge of Metal at times. Colleen Alanna is the lead vocalist and lyricist, Keith White plays guitar, Chad Grant handles bass duties, and David Dicks bangs the drums. If you had to pin down our sound, we would probably state that we are an amalgam of Halestorm and Evanescence. Each member has spent years honing their crafts and also has years of experience playing in many bands, both live and in the studio.

What makes your band unique?

Having a female hold the reigns and lead the band is certainly one thing that stands out from the crowd a bit....especially in the genres that we fall into. Colleen's powerful vocals really open eyes and ears when we play. Being a three-piece, instrument wise, we also feel that our sound is a bit tighter and more pronounced since each player has to fill a larger role.

How long have you been doing this?:

Love's Tragedy originally started in 2009 and the EP "Divide & Conquer" was released in 2010. The band took a hiatus for several years starting in 2011. We have recently regrouped and added Chad as the new bassist, since the original player (Billy Bones) was not available to rejoin. Outside of this project, we have all been involved in music in some form for many years.

Are you able to do this full time?

Not currently....and maybe never. However, that does not stop us from getting out there and bringing our love and passion for the music to the fans!

What motivates you?

The love of music and performing is the main motivation. Equally as important, giving our all to the fans is serious motivation as well. We just really enjoy music in its entirety!

What is your passion?

Again, we have to lean towards sharing our gifts through music for all the fans. We would certainly do this in our rehearsal studio for our own pleasure, but seeing the crowd enjoy themselves is always a great reward as well.

How has twitter helped your career (if at all):

I would say that it is a good platform to reach out to another area of potential fans, but Twitter is certainly one of the 'small fish, big pond' scenarios.

What’s the best thing about doing what you do?:

Getting to step into the 'rock star' role, even for just a little while, on stage. For those who are not performers, we are not sure that one could ever fully understand what it feels like to get out there and strut your stuff in front of a great crowd. Its and adrenaline and endorphin rush like no other!

What's the worst?:

Having to come back to 'reality' and go to a 'day job', we would guess. However, you can't honestly experience the 'highs' and great moments in life if you don't also have the mundane, right?!? Even then, knowing that you get to do it again and again in the future makes it all worth it, for certain!

Do you believe in Bigfoot?

Sure! Why not?!? I mean...Hide-and-Seek Champion of the World, right?!? :-)

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