Podcast Overlord

Overlord "Gives Back" Program

Gain some FREE exposure for your podcast. Write some reviews or interview some podders and get PRIORITY tweets from @pcast_ol

Hey everyone. We're looking for some added content for our website. If you write 3 reviews for podcasts listed on our podcast pages (or conduct interviews), we'll put add you to our FREE PRIORITY tweeting program.

What exactly is this program? Well, we're still working out the bugs, but currently we have created a tweet for every podcast in our list, and cycle through them all (currently one every hour or two throughout a day (as you can see, the more podcasts we have in our queue the longer it will take for a tweet to cycle through.)

If you participate in the above program, thus adding to the value of our website, we will add your tweet to our priority tweeting queue (which is still in flux), and your podcast will show up much more often.

Double Duty! We will also link back your review to your own podcast.

Does your podcast need more attention than the occasional tweet?

Check out our services page and see what more we can do for you.

If you would like to participate, please fill out the form below with a review of a podcast on our pages.

Here's the direct link to above form (if there's an issue)