Gamers of all types

We have a number of levels for gamers (streamers, designers, developers. ) From retweeting your own tweets like a best friend, to creating posts for you to be tweeted daily.

See below for all the things we can currently do for you.

We're now live on Patreon with Monthly subscription Plan

Not ready for that yearly commitment? You can now get our Enhanced Service with a new monthly subscription.

Here's what we can provide for $6.99 / month

(Note: we also offer discounted yearly rates. see below)

We will create placards* which includes a picture of your product or service and some sort of text (such as a review, or a blurb), and post them on a daily basis to the appropriate page (see lists of accounts below). This will be coupled with Twitter text informing our readership where to find your website/store, etc.

Once the set of placards reaches a critical mass **(around 40), we will start posting these up to 6X per day during optimal times on a rotating schedule.

* We define a Placard as an eye-grabbing image, containing text and graphics of your product or service. [see example image posted]

** Critical mass is dependent upon time allowed for creation of placards AND the user's ability to provide differing data (specific songs, books, quotes, episodes of podcasts, etc.)

Note: It normally takes nearly 1 1/2 to 2 months to reach critical mass.

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Basic Level: $12/3 months @gamez_overlord will watch and RT tweets of a Single account for one month.

Retweets will be retweeted as long as they are relevant to books and authorship.

Purchase Yearly and save $18


-- Subject to Availability --


We will pin one of your tweets to our page, and keep it there until it reaches a given # of impressions

$5 - 2000

$9 - 5000

$16 - 10,000

$30 - 25,000

$60 - 50,00