Piecing It Together Podcast @PiecingPod

A podcast about new movies and the movies that inspired them. Hosted by @bydavidrosen on the All Points West Network. Available on all major podcast apps.

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Interview with David Rosen

Podcast Overlord Interview with David Rosen of "Piecing it Together" Podcast

We spoke recently with David Rosen of Piecing it Together Podcast about what makes his show tick.

OS: Please tell me little about your podcast:

DR: On Piecing It Together I take a look at a new movie with the help of a revolving cast of guest co-hosts and we come up with a list of "puzzle pieces" which are other movies, filmmakers or other things that we think inspired the film we're discussing.

What makes your podcast unique?

The format allows us to get into conversations about lots of other great movies along the way, rather than just simply reviewing the new movie like most movie podcasts do.

Have you been doing this very long? And is this a full time gig for you?

In March it will be a year. I don't know about full time but I've consistently been able to have at least 4 episodes a month (one a week). Sometimes more.

What motivates you? Is this your passion project?

I love going to the movies and I thought it would be fun to not only talk about them with people, but also justify all the time I spend at the theater.

Aside from movies I also compose music. I compose for film, commercials, and other kinds of media. I also release albums of instrumental music.

How has twitter helped your career (if at all):

Strangely Twitter was always ineffective with my music career but has been really great for the podcast. A lot of my Podcast's reach is thanks go Twitter.

What’s the best thing about doing what you do? And conversely?

Getting to talk to people about movies all the time! I love watching and discussing movies.

Promotion, promotion, promotion. It never ends. But you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

Dumb question of the night. Don't worry, I ask this of everyone. Do you believe in Bigfoot?

I don't know if I necessarily BELIEVE in Bigfoot but I know the guy who took the famous photo. My family has a record store called Wax Trax Records here in Las Vegas and he used to be a big customer of ours and friend of my dad's.

Thanks David.

Piecing it Together Podcast can be found at https://www.piecingpod.com and on all the major podcast apps.

David's social media is @piecingpod





Reviews for Piecing it together Podcast

An awesome and original concept for reviewing and discussing movies. David Rosen is a great host who brings on guests that always add to the conversation.
-- Chris Williams,

I love Movies and this podcast helped feed that love! Easy to listen to, host has a Great “Radio Voice”. The show flows smooth and is very informative and professionally produced. I’ll listen again!!!

-- The Old Man, from The Old Man's Podcast