Role-playing isn't storytelling. If the dungeon master is directing it, it's not a game.

Gary Gygax

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The Dungeon Lads @TheDungeonLads

We are a group of life long friends who love to play dnd in any way that’s the most fun. The group in the campaign is called the Gale Walkers and they are trying to make sure the realms do not fall to the arch devils trying to do so. During the same time they must try and relieve their past to make peace with themselves.

Edon DND Podcast @EdonDND

A DnD podcast. Not sure how this will go, but hopefully it won't be consistent party wipes and charisma checks. email:

New episode every Wed/Sat

You Wanna Do WHAT!?!? @Youwannapodcast

We're a D&D podcast of an actual play 5th edition game. People listen in to hear just what the heck these people get up to.